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Decision 21 COM VII.C.38
SOC: Galapagos National Park (Ecuador)

VII.38 Galapagos National Park (Ecuador)

The Committee took note of the detailed report provided by the Government of Ecuador on 15 November 1997 concerning the situation of the Galapagos Islands as well as of further information by IUCN. The Committee decided the following:

1) Noting the relevant decisions taken by the World Heritage Committee at its 19th and 20th sessions, and by the Bureau of the Committee at its 20th and 21st sessions in June 1996 and June 1997 respectively;

2) Commending the recent efforts and commitment of the Government of Ecuador to address the complex threats to the integrity of the Galapagos World Heritage site and Marine Area;

3) Noting that the draft "Special Galapagos Law" currently before the Ecuadorean Congress, where it has been approved in a first debate, is the centrepiece of an effective conservation strategy for the site;

4) Invited the Government of Ecuador to notify in a timely fashion the Chairperson of the World Heritage Committee of the final enactment and entering into force of the law referred to above;

5) Decided not to inscribe the Galapagos World Heritage site on the List of World Heritage in Danger, at this time;

6) Decided that if, by the opening date of the next scheduled session of the Bureau of the World Heritage Committee, the Government of Ecuador has not notified the Chairperson of the World Heritage Committee of the enactment and entry into force of the Galapagos Special Law as stipulated in Paragraph 4 above, Galapagos Islands be inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger.

7) Requested the State Party, in accordance with the recommendation made by IUCN at the June 1997 meeting of the Bureau, to provide the Committee with an annual progress report up to the end of 2002.

Decision Code
21 COM VII.C.38
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1997 Galápagos Islands