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Session: 05GA 1985
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The Fifth General Assembly of States Parties to the Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage met in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 4 November 1985, during the 23rd session of the General Conference. Sixty-eight of the eighty-seven States which were parties to the Convention as at 4 November 1985 and which thus had the right to vote, were represented at the meeting, namely : Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Benin, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burundi, Cameroon, Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Cyprus, Democratic Yemen, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, ...
7. The General Assembly elected by acclamation H. Exc. Mr. Gough Whitlam (Australia), as Chairman, the representatives of Bangladesh, Hungary, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and Madagascar as Vice-Chairmen and H. Exc. Mr. Marino Jaramillo (Colombia) as Rapporteur.
9. The General Assembly examined document CLT-85/CONF.009/2 by which the accounts of the Fund were submitted to the Assembly in accordance with the Financial Regulations of the World Heritage Fund. The attention of the Assembly was drawn to the accounts for the financial period which terminated on 31 December 1983 given in annex I of the document, to the interim statement for the financial period 1984-1985 drawn up as at 31 July 1985 set out in annex II, as well as to the summary of contributions received as at 31 July 1985 from States Parties given in annex III. The Assembly was informed ...
11. The General Assembly decided unanimously to maintain for the financial period 1986-1987 the amount of the mandatory contributions to be paid to the World Heritage Fund foreseen in Article 16, paragraph 1, of the Convention at 1 % of the contributions of States Parties to the Regular Budget of Unesco.
12. The General Assembly was called on to elect 7 Members of the World Heritage Committee to replace the following 7 Members whose term of office was due to expire at the end of the 23rd Session of the General Conference : Argentina, France, Italy, Pakistan, Panama, Senegal and Switzerland.13. The list of States Parties which had submitted their candidature was read out before the Assembly. The candidatures of Argentina and Costa Rica were withdrawn in favour of Ecuador and Mexico and that of Egypt in favour of Yemen. In conformity with article 16, paragraph 5 of the Convention, the list ...
17. The representatives of Bulgaria, Greece, India, Mexico, United Republic of Tanzania and Yemen assured the General Assembly of the firm intention of their countries to contribute actively to the work of the World Heritage Committee and to the implementation of the Convention. The representative of the United States of America emphasized his country's continued support for the World Heritage Convention which it regarded as a unique basis for increased inter­national cooperation for the protection of sites of outstanding universal significance. After describing the measures taken in his ...
19. Before declaring the meeting closed, the Chairman referred to the low level of resources in the World Heritage Fund which was, in his opinion, due to the facts that certain of the largest contributors to the Regular Budget of Unesco were not parties to the Convention and that certain of those States paying voluntary contributions had not paid the full amount which they had the moral obligation to pay. He expressed the hope that full and regular contributions would be made to the Fund so that the World Heritage Committee could fulfil its responsibilities under the Convention. The ...