N°: 27

Preservation of the Baths of Antonius (Carthage): consultants, fellowships and equipment

State Party
118,000 USD
Approved amount
5 Sep 1980
Decision Date
Process Step
Amount Requested: 100,000 USD
Type of Assistance: Cultural / Conservation
Modality: Technical Cooperation
Previous Id: 1980-007
World Bank: LMC
N°: 27
Decision: Approved
Decision by: Committee
Approved amount: 118,000 USD
Decision Date: 5 Sep 1980

Committee Decisions

Code: 04COM X.34

The Committee upon recommendation of the Bureau approved the following technical co-operation requests:

  • Nepal - Sagarmatha National Park (request n°120.1): $75,000
  • Tunisia - Baths of Antonius at Carthage (request n°37.1 and addendum): $118,000
  • Zaire - Virunga National Park (request n°63.1): $43,660
  • Zaire - Garamba National Park (request n°126.1): $19,120
  • Zaire - Kahuzi-Biega National Park (request n°137.1): $15,120
  • Ethiopia - Lalibela (request n°18.1): $79,800

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