Melina Mercouri International Prize for the Safeguarding and Management of Cultural Landscapes (UNESCO-Greece), Deadline approaches

Wednesday, 20 September 2006
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Nominations for the prize have to be at UNESCO by 1 November 2006.

The purpose of the Melina Mercouri International Prize (UNESCO-Greece) is to reward outstanding examples of action to safeguard and enhance the world's major cultural landscapes.

The prize, which consists of a certificate and of the sum of US$20,000 U (for 2007), may be awarded either to an individual or to a group of persons, working in a personal capacity or as staff member(s) of a private or public institution chosen by the Director-General of UNESCO on the recommendation of an international jury.

The landscapes proposed in connection with the nomination must fit the definition of at least one of the three categories of cultural landscapes decided on by the World Heritage Committee at its sixteenth session (Santa Fe, 1992).

Candidates for the prize may be nominated either by the governments of Member States, preferably in consultation with their National Commissions, or by relevant NGOs having official relations with UNESCO. Only one candidate may be nominated in each case.

The nomination papers shall include a biographical statement for each candidate in the case of private individuals, or a description of the organization responsible in the case of a legal entity. They shall also include a detailed and illustrated statement justifying the proposal of the cultural landscape in respect of which the candidate is being nominated, and an assessment of achievements.