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Themes2.2.5.5 - Impact assessmentclose2.2.6.4 - Significant modifications to the boundariesclose2.2.6.3 - Minor modifications to the boundariesclose2.2.6.2 - Buffer Zonesclose2.7.2 - Transboundary and transnational propertiesclose2.2.4 - Integrityclose2.2 - Outstanding Universal Valueclose
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2 - Policies Regarding CREDIBILITY of the World Heritage List
2.7 - Types of World Heritage properties

3. "[The World Heritage Committee] aware of the need to specify the submission modalities for the nomination of transboundary or transnational serial properties on the World Heritage List,

4. (…):

a) The States Parties co-authors of a transboundary or transnational serial nomination can choose, amongst themselves and with a common understanding, the State Party which will be bearing this nomination; and

b) This nomination can be registered exclusively within the ceiling of the bearing State Party."

Theme: 2.7.2 - Transboundary and transnational properties
Decision: 29 COM 18A

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