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Themes2.7.4.1 - Generalclose2.2.5.2 - Legislative, regulatory and contractual measures for protectionclose2.7.3 - Serial propertiesclose2.7.2 - Transboundary and transnational propertiesclose2.2.6 - Boundaries and buffer zonesclose2.2.1 - Outstanding Universal Value: definition and attributesclose2.7 - Types of World Heritage propertiesclose
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2 - Policies Regarding CREDIBILITY of the World Heritage List
2.7 - Types of World Heritage properties
2.7.4 - Cultural Landscapes
Synthesis based on relevant Committee decisions

The World Heritage committee recommends addressing landscape surveys and the historic evolution of the landscape, as a holistic reflection of history and cultural traditions and of the interaction between culture and nature, including the way the landscape has been shaped by human practices and natural resources (based on Case law on decisions on Nominations).
Theme: - General
See for examples Decisions:  31 COM 8B.33 31 COM 8B.28

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