Preliminary report on Aïr et Ténéré, WHC

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Preliminary report on Aïr et Ténéré, WHC
Sunday, 1 January 1995
World Heritage Properties
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Maybe it was in 1994
The World Heritage Committee at its eighteenth session took note that a peace accord was signed on 9 October 1994 and encouraged the authorities to implement it and to undertake all efforts to safeguard the site. The Centre in cooperation with the authorities of Niger sent a mission to Niger to review the protected area system of Niger and to prepare a nomination of a natural site. As one of the outcomes of this mission, a preliminary report on Aïr et Ténéré was prepared. It indicates that under the influence of a number of different factors, including, historical, socio-economic and political, an armed conflict developed during the last years (minority of Tuareg against the States). A major degradation of the site was noted including poaching.
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