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Decision 42 COM 8
Nominations - General Discussion

The World Heritage Committee,

  1. Having examined Documents WHC/18/42.COM/8B and WHC/18/42.COM/INF.8B.3,
  2. Recalling Decisions 42 COM 8B.24, 42 COM 8B.35 and 42 COM 5A (Manama, 2018),
  3. Considering that, in compliance with the Convention and the Operational Guidelines, Outstanding Universal Value is recognised at the time of inscription of a property on the World Heritage List and that no recognition of Outstanding Universal Value is foreseen prior to this stage, decides to include the review of the referral procedure and its application for examination in the framework of the next revision of the Operational Guidelines at its 43rd session in 2019;
  4. Also decides that the evaluation of “sites associated with recent conflicts” shall be undertaken once a comprehensive reflection has taken place and the Committee at its 44th session has discussed and decided how these sites might relate to the purpose and scope of the World Heritage Convention and its Operational Guidelines;
  5. Further decides to convene an Expert Meeting on the World Heritage and integrated art to allow for reflection and to develop guidance on whether and how works of art as integral components of nominated properties may be proposed as basis for conveying Outstanding Universal Value, provided that extra-budgetary funding is available and invites the States Parties to contribute to this end;
  6. Finally decides to include in the draft agenda of its 43rd session a general item 8 to allow discussion on the nomination process.
Decision Code
42 COM 8
Inscriptions on the World Heritage List, Operational Guidelines, Outstanding Universal Value, Working methods and tools
Decisions adopted during the 42nd session of the World Heritage Committee (Manama, 2018)
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