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Decision 7 COM 13-16
Elections to the World Heritage Committee

13. The General Assembly was called on to elect 7 Members of the World Heritage Committee to replace the following 7 Members whose term of office was due to expire at the end of the 22nd Session of the General Conference : Australia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Iraq, Nepal, Tunisia, United States of America.

14. The list of States Parties which had submitted their candidature was read out before the Assembly. In conformity with Article 16, paragraph 5,of the Convention, the list of candidates was limited to those States which had in fact paid their contribution to the World Heritage Fund for 1982. The following candidates were thus retained : Algeria, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Malawi, Morocco, Norway, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Turkey.

15. The elections took place by secret ballot. The delegates of Brazil and Benin were appointed tellers.
The results of the vote which were announced by the Chairman were as follows :

First Ballot

Number of States Parties present and voting                                                                   52

Number of invalid ballot papers                                                                                           1

Number of votes recorded                                                                                                51

Number of votes constituting a majority                                                                           27

Votes obtained by the States

Sri Lanka                                                                    35

Lebanon                                                                     30

Turkey                                                                        28

Australia                                                                     27

Norway                                                                      27

Algeria                                                                        25

Portugal                                                                      24

Egypt                                                                          24

Tunisia                                                                        22

Malawi                                                                        22

Canada                                                                      22

The Chairman declared elected to the World Heritage Committee after the first ballot the following States Parties: Australia, Lebanon, Norway, Sri Lanka and Turkey which had obtained the required majority of votes. In accordance with the Rules of procedure, the second ballot was to be limited to those states which had obtained the greatest number of votes provided that the number of States should not exceed twice the number of the seats remaining to be filled. It was therefore necessary to hold an eliminating ballot to determine which of the three States having obtained 22 votes would be included in the 2nd ballot. The results of the eliminating ballot were as follows


Number of States Parties present and voting 55
Number of votes recorded 55
Number of votes obtained by the States
Malawi 24
Tunisia 19
Canada 12

Malawi was thus retained as candidate for the second ballot.

Second ballot

Number of States Parties present and voting 62
Number of invalid voting papers 1
Number of votes recorded 61

Number of votes obtained by the States

Algeria                                                                      34

Malawi                                                                       28

Egypt                                                                         26

Portugal                                                                     23

The Chairman thus declared the following States elected to the World Heritage Committee in the second ballot:

                 Algeria, Malawi

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