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Decision 25 BUR V.163-165
Golden Mountains of Altai (Russian Federation)

V.163     The Bureau noted that no new information on the road proposal was received from the State Party. The Director of the UNESCO Office, Moscow, attended the meeting “The socio-economic development of the Altai Republic and the perspectives of the development of the transport system in the South of Siberia”, which was held on 15 to 16 December 2000 in Gorno Altaisk. He noted that awareness building must be raised among the decision-makers in the Altai Government with regard to the obligations under the World Heritage Convention. He furthermore pointed out that the road proposals are linked with a gas pipeline project and that all proposals need careful review by IUCN.

V.164     During a meeting between the Director of the UNESCO Office, Moscow, and Centre staff on 19 June 2001, the Centre was informed that the Governor of the Altai Republic envisages a feasibility study of the road and gas pipeline proposals.

V.165     The Bureau reiterated its request that the State Party provide a state of conservation report with particular reference to the road proposal and any other projects that may be under consideration by 15 September 2001.

Decision Code
25 BUR V.163-165
States Parties 1
State of conservation reports
2001 Golden Mountains of Altai
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