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Decision 19 BUR VI.21
Angkor (Cambodia)

The Secretariat reported that within the framework of assistance provided by the UNESCO Secretariat to the Cambodian authorities for the implementation of obligations following the inscription of Angkor on the List of World Heritage in Danger, in 1992, a legal expert was sent by UNESCO in March 1995, to finalize for adoption and application, the legislation with regard to the protection of cultural heritage.

As far as the establishment of a national organism for protection and the management of the site is concerned, the Cambodian authorities issued, on 19 February 1995, a decree announcing the creation of the Authority for the Protection of the Site and the Management of the Region of Angkor (APSARA).

Furthermore, the International Coordination Committee (ICC), under the co-Chairmanship of France and Japan, created in October 1993 by the Intergovermental Tokyo Conference for the Safeguarding and Development of the Historic Site of Angkor and for which UNESCO provides the permanent Secretariat, held in Phnom Penh, a session of its Technical Committee on 31 March 1995. This enabled the ICC to ensure, in cooperation with the Cambodian authorities, the coordination and monitoring of international actions undertaken to conserve the site, restore its monuments and protect its environment.

The Bureau recalled the Declaration adopted by the World Heritage Committee at its eighteenth session and commended the Cambodian authorities on the progress made in the implementation of the requests formulated by the Committee at the time of inscription of Angkor on the World Heritage List. The Bureau recommended that the Secretariat provide a detailed report to the World Heritage Committee at its forthcoming session.

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19 BUR VI.21
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1995 Angkor
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