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Decision 29 COM 8B.46
Extension of Properties Inscribed on the World Heritage List (Frontiers of the Roman Empire)

The World Heritage Committee,

1. Having examined Documents WHC-05/29.COM/8B, WHC-05/29.COM/8B.Add 2 and WHC-05/29.COM/INF.8B.1,

2. Approves the extension of Hadrian's Wall (United Kingdom) to include the Frontiers of the Roman Empire - Upper German-Raetian Limes (Germany) on the World Heritage List on the basis of the cultural criteria (ii), (iii), and (iv), excluding:

a) reconstructions carried out since 1965; and

b) urban development above Roman remains;

3. Recommends that the reconstructed elements excluded from the nomination, together with development above the Roman remains, be considered as a buffer zone for the inscribed property;

4. Also recommends that the nomination be seen as the second phase of a possible wider, phased, serial transboundary nomination to encompass remains of the Roman frontiers around the Mediterranean Region;

5. Agrees that the combined Hadrian's Wall and Upper German-Raetian Limes sites together be known as the "Frontiers of the Roman Empire";

6. Also agrees that the Hadrian's Wall site be known as Frontiers of the Roman Empire: Hadrian's Wall and that the Upper German-Raetian Limes site and that the Upper German-Raetian Limes site should be known as the Frontiers of the Roman Empire: Upper German-Raetian Limes.
Decision Code
29 COM 8B.46
Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
Focal Point
Decisions of the 29th session of the world heritage comittee (Durban, 2005)
Context of Decision
WHC-05/29.COM/8B.Add 2