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Decision 23 COM X.B.43
SOC: Taxila (Pakistan) & Fort and Shalamar Gardens of Lahore (Pakistan)

X.43 Taxila (Pakistan)

Fort and Shalamar Gardens of Lahore (Pakistan)

The Committee recalled the reports from the twenty-third ordinary and the twenty-third extraordinary session of the Bureau on the state of conservation of this property and adopted the following decision:

"The Committee examined the report of the Secretariat. The Committee expressed concern over the demolition of the 375-year old essential hydraulic works of the Shalamar Gardens, which had been carried out to enlarge the 4-lane Grand Trunk Road into a 6-lane motorway, as well as the completed football stadium built on the archaeological remains of Bhir Mound, the most ancient citadel site dating between 6th BC - 2nd AD within Taxila. In view of the ascertained threats undermining the authenticity and integrity of these two sites, the Committee requested the State Party to take urgent corrective measures to restore the hydraulic works at Shalamar Gardens, and to consider removing the football stadium negatively impacting upon the archaeological remains of Bhir Mound. The Committee requested the State Party to report on the actions taken for examination by the twenty-fourth session of the Bureau. Should the Bureau find that the World Heritage values have been compromised, it would recommend the Committee to consider inscription of these sites on the List of World Heritage in Danger at its twenty-fourth session, in view of the threats facing these sites.

Taking note of the need to elaborate a comprehensive management plan for both the Fort and Shalamar Gardens of Lahore, the Committee requested the World Heritage Centre to urgently organize a reactive monitoring mission by the advisory bodies to Lahore. The Committee requested that consultation on the proposals for protecting the Shish Mahal Mirrored Ceiling be undertaken by ICCROM with the national authorities, during this mission. The Committee requested the advisory bodies and the World Heritage Centre to report on findings and recommendations of the mission for examination by the twentyfourth session of the Bureau."

Decision Code
23 COM X.B.43
States Parties 1
Report of the rapporteur
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