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Decision 20 COM VII.D.39
SOC noted by Committee: Arabian Oryx Sanctuary (Oman)

VII.39 Arabian Oryx Sanctuary (Oman)

The Bureau recalled that at its nineteenth session it took note of a progress report, dated March 1996, on the ongoing planning activities for the site and a schedule of activities. IUCN had noted several recent developments in the Sanctuary that are of concern: (1) poaching of thirteen Oryx, and (2) the construction of a reverse osmosis plant which has resulted in significant damage to the desert habitat. The Bureau had requested the Centre to contact the Omani authorities encouraging them to provide the definition of the final boundaries of the site and expressing concern over the poaching and construction activities.

The Bureau at its twentieth extraordinary session recalled discussions held at the time of the inscription of the site and raised concern that no reply had been received from the Omani authorities since its last session. IUCN informed the Bureau of delays being experienced by the management authority in completing the management plan and defining boundaries in the context of other pressures. Proposals for IUCN to cooperate in an expert workshop to review the plan and boundaries were, however, encouraging.

The Bureau therefore : (a) invited the State Party to keep the Committee informed about the state of conservation of the site and progress on the planning and boundary definition project; (b) reitera ted the clarification requested about the definition of the final boundaries of the site by 15 April 1997; (c) requested clarification of the situation with respect to reported oryx poaching and the reverse osmosis plant, and (d) commended the proposal for an international workshop to be held in Oman in 1997 to review the draft management plan, including the definition of boundaries of the site, involving representatives of IUCN and the World Heritage Centre, in cooperation with the Omani authorities.

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20 COM VII.D.39
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