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The World Heritage Centre is at the forefront of the international community’s efforts to protect and preserve.

Monuments of Nubia-International Campaign to Save the Monuments of Nubia

In 1954 the decision to build the Aswan High Dam was made. This dam would lead to the creation of a huge artificial lake covering the Upper Nile Valley from Aswan in Egypt to the Dal Cataract in Sudan - a culturally ...

Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape Project

This 3-year project by UNESCO World Heritage Centre and Conservation International, and with financing from the UN Foundation and Global Conservation Fund, calls for the promotion of long-term management and ...

LAC Extra-budgetary Projects

Extra-budgetary Projects Latin America and the Caribbean A number of specific conservation projects within the Region undertaken mostly through funding provided by extra-budgetary resources. The projects financed ...

Activities in Whale Sanctuary of El Vizcaino

El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve in Baja California, Mexico, is focusing on developing locally based ecotourism to address threats to the coastal lagoons, which shelter the gray whale, harbour seal, California sea ...

Ethiopia-International Campaign to Safeguard the Principal Monuments and Sites of Ethiopia

The area of Africa that is present-day Ethiopia has a long history rich in tradition; its sites and monuments bear witness to the civilizations that have had their roots in this territory for more than 2,700 years. ...

Adadi Maryam

This rock-hewn church is a 600-year-old sanctuary in the building tradition of the northern part of Ethiopia, and marks the advent of Christianity in the southern part of Adadi Mariam, badly damaged by time, has ...