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World Heritage Fossil Sites Workshop


The meeting participants wished to bring to the attention of all relevant organisations and authorities concerned with World Heritage, fossil sites and geological sites the following points and recommendations from the meeting, bearing in mind the forthcoming World Heritage Committee meeting in Cairns.

The conference brought together representatives from World Heritage Fossil sites throughout the world and IUCN and included a field visit to the World Heritage site of
Naracoorte and Riversleigh. Conference participants explored management issues peculiar to fossil sites, effective methods for maintaining and enhancing World Heritage values through research, and ways and means for interpreting the significance and values of fossil sites to a wide range of stakeholders. In addition, methods for managing tourism were considered and experience on effective methods of protection was shared.

The Conference was organised by the University of New South Wales in Sydney with support from the Federal Department of Environment and Heritage and the Australian Museum in Sydney. Other organisations also provided assistance with the Conference.

Events 1
World Heritage Fossil Sites Workshop
22 Sep 2000 - 1 Oct 2000
Date Start: Friday, 22 September 2000
Date end: Sunday, 1 October 2000