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Light on Fort Liedot (France)

Ile d'Aix (Region Poitou-Charentes)
25 august- 15 september 2008


Fort Liedot forms part of the Arsenal de Rochefort et fortifications de l'estuaire de la Charente (World Heritage Tentative List as cultural site, 2002).

The site is in need for regular restoratiions and installations. The work camp will continue works of the restoration in the parhs of th stronghold, by deposing and reposing the degraded parts of it.

The work camp combines the restoration activities with the organisation of a cultural event as well as workshops and debates on intercultural learning and the concept of World Heritage. Exchanges and activities involving the local population and local young people are foreseen.


  • Help raise awareness about World Heritage, intercultural exchange and the traditional manual tasks and handicrafts of the community
  • Contribute to restoration efforts of Fort Liedot
  • Contribute positively to the people and the village of Aix Island
  • Promote the concept of World Heritage and the impact that could have to local life as well as to the life of the monument

Organisation responsible for the project

Solidarités Jeunesses et Solidarités Jeunesses Poitou-Charentes

Local partners

Region Poitou-Charentes, Conseil Général de Charente-Maritime

National partners

Ministry of Youth and Sports

Strategic objectives
Capacity Building
States parties 1
Date Start: Monday, 25 August 2008
Date end: Monday, 15 September 2008