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The Waterfalls of Lobé, Cameroun

The Republic of Cameroun ratified the World Heritage Convention in 1982. Since this date only the Dja faunal reserve has been inscribed on the World Heritage List. In April 2006 the Cameroonian authorities sent a new tentative list, on which the Waterfalls of Lobé were included. This site exemplifies both cultural and natural values and is intended for submission for nomination on the World Heritage List in 2007.

The Waterfalls of Lobé are located at around 300km south-west of Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroun. The specificities of the falls are due to the groupings of streams that run along a series cascades over a distance of 1 kilometre and which form a majestic cloud around the falls, the highest falls measure 20 metres in height before tumbling into the Atlantic Ocean. The waterfalls of Lobé represent a strong basis of the symbolic beliefs of the Batanga, Maabi and Pygmee peoples that live in the environs and associate the falls with various cultural rites. The significance of the site that this cultural landscape has in the lives of these peoples implies the necessity for their involvement in the process of management and the preparation of the nomination proposal for its inscription.

The Spanish funds in trust have contributed largely in the form of financial assistance in view of the realization of the management plan and the nomination file of the site. The management plan is currently being formulated by the Cultural arm of the Cameroonian authorities with the support of the UNESCO Yaoundé office and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre.