N°: 1691

Money earmarked for Palestinian Territories

State of Palestine
State Party
100,000 USD
Approved amount
4 Jul 2003
Decision Date
Process Step
Amount Requested: 100,000 USD
Type of Assistance: Cultural / Conservation
Modality: Technical Cooperation
Previous Id: 2004-1082
World Bank: 0
N°: 1691
Decision: Approved
Decision by: Committee
Approved amount: 100,000 USD
Decision Date: 4 Jul 2003

Committee Decisions

Code: 28COM 17B.2

The World Heritage Committee,
1. Takes note of the information provided by the Secretariat on the progress made in the implementation of its decisions 26 COM 6.1 and 26 COM 6.2 and further takes note of the oral report of the representative of the Director- General ;
2. Commends the Palestinian authorities and the Secretariat for the activities accomplished despite the difficult circumstances;
3. Requests the World Heritage Centre to continue assisting the concerned Palestinian institutions in developing capacity in the protection of the cultural and natural heritage and assessing its state of conservation particularly in taking steps to protect historical and archaeological sites from any damage due to "recent measures" affecting them;
4. Further requests the World Heritage Centre to allocate the US$100,000 approved by the Committee at its 27th session in 2003 (Decision 27 COM 7A.29);
5. Requests the Director-General to make, in consultation and co-operation with the concerned parties, appropriate arrangements concerning this matter;
6. Requests the World Heritage Centre to present a report on the progress made for consideration of the World Heritage Committee at its 29th session in 2005.

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Code: 27COM 11.2

The World Heritage Committee,

1. Having considered the 2004-2005 budget of the World Heritage Fund, its estimated income and proposed expenditure;

2. Decides that the Contingency Reserve be consolidated into the budget as from 31 December 2003;

3. Approves a total expenditure of US$ 7,248,070 for the biennium 2004-2005 from the World Heritage Fund subject to the approval by the UNESCO General Conference of a budget totalling US$ 610 million for the same period;

4. Approves the corresponding budget attached in Tables 1 to 3;

5. Notes that the approved budget includes the following amounts for Regional Programmes:

(i) Arab States:                                            US$ 80,000
Decision 27 COM 20B.1

(ii) Africa 2009:                                          US$ 200,000
Decision 27 COM 20B.2

(iii) Africa 2004-2005:                                   US$ 90,000
Decision 27 COM 20B.2

(iv) Asia 2003-2009:                                    US$ 100,000
Decision 27 COM 20B.3

(v) Pacific 2009:                                         US$ 100,000
Decision 27 COM 20B.4

(vi) Europe and North America:                       US$ 20,000
(to be proposed in 2005)

(vii) Latin America:                                     US$ 100,000
(to be proposed in 2004)

(viii) Caribbean 4-14:                                   US$ 70,000
Decision 27 COM 20B.5

Total                                                          US$ 760,000

6.   Decides that the overall budget expenditure will be adjusted pro rata should a budget other than US$ 610 million be adopted by the UNESCO General Conference.

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