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2139 01-Jan-1986 12,000 ICOMOS' assistance to the authorities for preparing the nominations of Aleppo (Syria) and Jerash (Jordan), and the tentative list of cultural sites of Madagascar

Syrian Arab Republic


3 01-Jan-1978 2,500 To work with the Syrian authorities in preparing their nominations to the World Heritage List and their requests for technical cooperation
865 01-Jan-1997 12,432 C, Mise en oeuvre de la Convention en Syrie/Jordanie/Liban
866 01-Jan-1997 4,433 C, Mise en oeuvre Convention en Syrie
929 28-Apr-1998 15,000 Management plan for Palmyra
930 28-Apr-1998 15,000 Nomination of Crusaders castle
1630 05-Feb-2003 20,000 Préparation du dossier d'inscription du Crac des Chevaliers et de la citadelle de Saladin, proposés dans la liste indicative du 08/06/1999 avec les critères C (ii),(iv)
1832 01-Oct-2007 30,000 Assistance to the Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums in preparing the Nomination file for Saint Simeon and the Limestone villages (Revised)


1385 09-Jun-2001 5,000 Photo exhibition on Syrian cultural heritage
71 30-Oct-1981 67,800 Conservation work in the City of Damascus
440 01-Jul-1989 15,000 Contribution to a computer aided design conservation project for Palmyra
576 01-Aug-1993 19,500 Financial contribution to the consolidation works in the Ancient City of Damascus threatened by water infiltrations
677 01-Jan-1994 19,500 Equipment for the restoration of the Citadel of Damascus
804 09-Dec-1995 20,000 Restoration of the Southern Therms in Bosra
980 27-Jun-1998 30,000 Restoration and Conservation Project of the Roman Bathes in the south of the Ancient City of Bosra
1021 27-Jun-1998 18,000 Conservation project for Tekiya Suleymaniah in the Ancient City of Damascus (NOT IMPLEMENTED)
1040 05-Dec-1998 30,000 Conservation Project for the Ancient City of Damascus (NOT IMPLEMENTED)
1062 13-Jan-1999 20,000 Establishing an overall management plan of Palmyra (1st phase)
1765 18-Feb-2005 30,000 The Citadel of Palmyra-Repair works
3150 03-Mar-2020 30,000 Documentation & Emergency Structural Intervention in Qa’lat Salah El-Din
3377 17-Mar-2023 30,000 First Stage of consolidation work to the temple of Ba’al Portico.
212 01-Jan-1985 1,800 2-month fellowship to follow a course on stone conservation in Venice (23 April-21 June 1985)
1221 03-Dec-1999 35,000 Seminar on the cultural tourism, the sustainable development and the management of the World Heritage Sites (NOT IMPLEMENTED)
1376 20-Mar-2001 11,000 Atelier national de formation sur les conséquences et les implications issues des rapports périodiques arabes et plus particulièrement celles relatives au cas syrien.


3011 21-Dec-2018 30,000 Recovery plan for Ancient City of Bosra
3402 17-Mar-2023 75,000 The restoration of the western tower of Aleppo City Wall (Adjacent to the Qinsreen Gate).
3202 29-Oct-2020 30,000 Safeguarding the Damascus Wall and the adjacent Urban Fabric (the area between Bab al-Salam and Bab Touma)