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[Uniquement en anglais] The International Committee for the History of Technology's 33rd Symposium in Leicester, UK, 15-20 August 2006'Transforming Economies and Civilizations: The Role of Technology' is the theme of ICOHTEC's 33rd Symposium. While open to all proposals, the program committee suggests the following themes to contributors:Energy, water, sanitary, and other utility ...
[Uniquement en anglais] The World Heritage Centre, in an effort to develop a more systematic approach to cooperation with our natural heritage conservation partners, and in order to explore closer collaboration on specific conservation matters, has called for a dedicated working meeting. The objective of the meeting is to build on the gains made from several years of cooperation between the ...
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Le Prix du journalisme Euromed Heritage
1 janv. 2006 - 31 mars 2006
Le Prix du journalisme Euromed Heritage est un concours de presse international dans le domaine de la préservation et de la promotion du patrimoine culturel. Ce concours, organisé par la Commission européenne est ouvert aux journalistes des pays partenaires européens et méditerranéens.
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