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[Uniquement en anglais] International planning workshop to discuss the project activities and prepare project document for the Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape project
[Uniquement en anglais] As part of its tourism programme, UNESCO World Heritage Centre will host its first stand ever at the International Tourism Exchange (ITB), the world's largest travel and tourism trade fair, which will be held in Berlin, Germany from 12–16 March 2004. UNESCO has hosted workshops at ITB every year since 1999, but this is the first time that the World Heritage Centre ...
Information concernant la 28e session du Comité du patrimoine mondial Rapport périodique en Europe et Amérique du Nord Promouvoir et préserver le Patrimoine mondial de la République démocratique du Congo 
[Uniquement en anglais] During this meeting States Parties representatives from Europe and North America were: (i) updated of the progress made in the periodic report exercise; (ii) informed about future deadlines and calendar of meetings and (iii) provided with a practical presentation on the on-line Periodic Reporting Tool.
[Uniquement en anglais] Organised by the World Heritage Centre, in collaboration with the Government of Eritrea and Africa 2009 (ICCROM, UNESCO-WHC, CraTerre-EAG, African cultural heritage institutions) as counterparts. It brought together 20 experts from various African countries, who presented Asmara (Eritrea), the Kenya Cultural Centre and National Theatre (Kenya), Mzizima Historic Garden ...
[Uniquement en anglais] The twenty-ninth General Conference of UNESCO, held in 1997, decided to activate Article 29 of the World Heritage Convention concerning the submission of Periodic Reports on the state of implementation of the World Heritage Convention (Section I) and the state of conservation of World Heritage properties (Section II). The periodic reports will also help focus the World ...
[Uniquement en anglais] Expert meeting organized by Nuria Sanz in cooperation with the World Monument Fund
[Uniquement en anglais] UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Flemish Goverment, Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, and Egypt's Centre for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage
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