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Joint USA-Canada World Heritage Site Manager’s Meeting regarding Periodic Reporting

13-16 janvier 2003
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Expected outcomes

All World Heritage Site Managers leave the meeting understanding the purpose of periodic reporting, the process and timetable for preparing the national and synthesized reports, their roles and responsibilities, and the next steps.  They are equipped to begin the organisation and drafting of their Section II reports and understand the IT application to do so.

Primary objectives

  • To ensure all participants understand:
  • The WHC and reporting requirements
  • The WHC requirement and benefit
  • The joint process between Canada and the US
  • Roles and responsibilities of World Heritage Site managers
  • Communications about the process
  • The report format and process
  • To identify common issues for the Section I report
  • To identify and clarify questions on how to prepare Section II on their sites
  • To explain how Section II reports will be reviewed and approved
Activités 1

lundi 13 janvier 2003
jeudi 16 janvier 2003

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Wilshire Grand Hotel, Los Angeles, USA