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Année (début) : 1978close
Année (fin) : 1978close
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[Uniquement en anglais] The Chairman invited the delegate of Canada to take the floor since this item had been added to the agenda upon his proposal. The delegate of Canada explained that after discussing with the Secretariat of UNESCO the terms of Article 11.4 of the Convention he considered that there was no need for a special procedure to be adopted for the establishment of the List of World Heritage in Danger.
[Uniquement en anglais] The Secretariat of UNESCO presented to the Committee the initial design and a later version, modified according to the suggestions of the Bureau, of the proposed World Heritage Emblem, prepared by Mr. Michel Olyff.
[Uniquement en anglais] As conceived by the artist, this emblem symbolized, "in a form sufficiently simple to be inserted on a map and to identify sites", the interdependence of cultural and natural properties. The central square was a form crested by man; the circle represented nature, the two being intimately linked. The emblem was round, like the world, but it was also a symbol of protection. The two designs, identical in their concept, differed in their graphic approach. (Both designs are shown in Annex II.)
[Uniquement en anglais] Following the Bureau's suggestions, the author presented two versions of the designs, one in black and white, the other in blue and white, the latter being the colours of the United Nations.
[Uniquement en anglais] The Committee examined the proposed designs very carefully. The delegate of Yugoslavia emphasized that the choice of an emblem was of great importance. The emblem would symbolize for future generations the principles embodied in the Convention. The Committee felt that the proposed emblem fully satisfied the criteria of universality and simplicity, and conveyed the essential objectives of the Convention. Consequently it decided to adopt the emblem in its two graphic versions both to be used, in any colour, depending on the use to be made of them, the technical ...
[Uniquement en anglais] Following the recommendations of the Bureau, the Committee decided that a booklet explaining how nominations to the World Heritage List should be prepared, should be drawn up by ICOMOS and IUCN instead of the model nomination files which they had previously been asked to prepare and that the Secretariat of UNESCO should follow up this decision. This booklet should be published in Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish.
[Uniquement en anglais] In this connection, the delegate of France pointed out that there was also need to develop tools for alleviating the workload involved in the processing and technical review of nominations by the Secretariat of UNESCO, ICOMOS and IUCN. The Secretariat informed the Committee that forms to simplify the correspondence necessary to complete the nominations and relevant documentation were already used and others would be worked out.
[Uniquement en anglais] At the invitation of the Chairman, the representative of the Director General presented the proposed expenditures for 1978-1979 (document CC-78/CONF.010/8) divided into five different Chapters. The first three chapters concerned what could be considered as purely operational activities - preparatory assistance, technical cooperation including training, and emergency assistance. The fourth chapter provided for programme support - IUCN and ICOMOS participation, and public information activities. The fifth and last chapter covered temporary assistance for the UNESCO ...
[Uniquement en anglais] In connection with the provisions made for training, the delegates of Canada and of the Federal Republic of Germany stressed the importance of the training of administrators and reference was made to the annual International Seminar for parks administrators organized by the School of Natural Resources in cooperation with the U.S. National Park Service at the University of Michigan. The representative of the Director General of UNESCO confirmed that fellowships for such a course could be granted, if requested by a State Party for one of its nationals.
[Uniquement en anglais] The delegate of Iraq stated the intention of the Regional Centre for Conservation of Cultural Property in the Arab States to submit for approval at the next session of the Committee a project for a course on the conservation of ancient buildings, to be organized in co-operation with the Committee.
[Uniquement en anglais] The Committee agreed with the proposal of the delegate of France that the provision for emergency assistance be increased from US $100,000 to US $150,000.
[Uniquement en anglais] The proposed expenditure for programme support , i.e. contracts with ICOMOS and IUCN and public information activities, as well as the funds allocated to temporary assistance for the UNESCO Secretariat, were supported by the delegates of Canada, France, the Federal Republic of Germany, Iran, Nigeria and the United States of America. The latter having suggested that a certain amount of flexibility be introduced for Chapters IV and V of the proposed expenditure, the Committee, at the proposal of the delegate of Canada, decided to provide for a contingency allocation ...
[Uniquement en anglais] Taking into account the total resources available in the World Heritage Fund which, as shown in document CC-78/CONF.010/INF.2, amounted to $555,695.25 as at 31 July 1978, the Committee adopted the following revised budget for the period September 1978/September 1979 :   Item of expenditure / Funds authorized   I. Preparatory Assistance Preparation of nominations to the World Heritage List and(or) preparation of requests and feasibility studies for technical cooperation projects (provision of experts, equipment or financial grants required for the work foreseen ...
[Uniquement en anglais] The delegate of the United States of America expressed his concern with the workload imposed on the Secretariat by the various activities carried out under the Convention. This concern was shared by all the other members of the Committee who at the same time stated their appreciation of the work already undertaken by the Secretariat. The Committee consequently requested the Chairman to write to the Director General informing him of the decision to grant temporary assistance from the World Heritage Fund for a one-year period and drawing his attention to the need for ...
[Uniquement en anglais] The Committee authorized the Secretariat to amend the above-mentioned Operational Guidelines, adopted by the Committee at its first session, to bring them into line with the decisions taken at the second session.
[Uniquement en anglais] The Committee approved the draft text of its report to the General Conference of UNESCO at its 20th session, as set out in document CC-78/CONF.010/9, and authorized the Secretariat to complete this report with the decisions taken at its second session.
[Uniquement en anglais] In his statement, the observer of the World Food Programme indicated that his Organization gave food assistance to social and economic development projects. He went on to describe the project undertaken by the Egyptian Government in co-operation with UNESCO and the World Food Programme for the preservation of the Philae temples, to which the WFP had made a substantial contribution in the form of food assistance as part- payment of wages for about 1,700 workers engaged in the restoration of the monuments. The project, in addition to its evident cultural value, would ...
[Uniquement en anglais] The delegate of Egypt invited the Committee to hold its third session in Cairo in September 1979. This invitation was greatly appreciated by the Committee which accepted by acclamation the kind offer of the Egyptian Government.
[Uniquement en anglais] In closing the second session of the Committee, the Chairman thanked all those who had contributed to making the meeting possible and the deliberations successful.
 La deuxième Assemblée générale des États parties à la Convention concernant la protection du patrimoine mondial, culturel et naturel (1972) s'est réunie à Paris le 24 novembre 1978. Sur les 40 États parties à la Convention à la date du 24 novembre 1978 et disposant par conséquent du droit de vote, 34 étaient représentés : Algérie Italie Allemagne (Rép. Féd. d') Jordanie Argentine Maroc Australie Népal Bolivie Niger Brésil Nigeria Bulgarie Norvège - Canada Pakistan Chypre Panama Costa ...