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Tunisia - Development of an emergency plan for the safeguard of the Ichkeul National Park

(05/05/2004) © UNESCO | Marc Patry | Image Source: Marc Patry
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The program consists first in organizing a study preparatory workshop in order to elaborate the strategy that should lead to a sustainable use of the water resources of the Ichkeul National Park, then in monitoring the workshop and its recommendations and finally in coordinating the implementation of the management strategy of site: to provide a finalized management plan


The objective of the project is to develop a follow-up plan of the Ichkeul National Park. This plan will have to be implemented in close consultation with the experts of IUCN and the World Heritage Centre. It will identify suitable parameters and indicators for a follow-up of the state of conservation of the site and will allow the experts to establish references, calendars and conditions for annual evaluations by the World Heritage Committee.


In 1996, the Ichkeul National Park is inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger. In June 1998, lUCN provided technical data revealing that the salinity of the lake waters could have reached an excessive level and that the chances of restoration of the World Heritage values of the site could decrease very quickly.

IUCN was worried about the slowness and the lack of efficiency of the rehabilitation program that was implemented by the State Party.

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