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Date of Submission: 18/01/2008
Criteria: (ix)(x)
Category: Natural
Submitted by:
National Commission of the Republic of Uzbekinstan for UNESCO
State, Province or Region:
Ferghana Region
Coordinates: N39 55 E71 50
Ref.: 5292

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Shokhimardon is located in the northern large slope of the Alay ridge in the medium mountain zones of the name river basin. The territory has rich and in many respects unique recreational potential. Aesthetic value of natural complexes has recognized long ago and it attracts many tourists. There are some large glaciers, huge mountain rivers and high-mountain lakes.

Natural heritage is represented with the unique areas of nut forests - relicts of tertiary broad-leaved forests of Central Asia. A large amount of rare species of flora and fauna are preserved, some of which have been included in the Red book of Uzbekistan.

Statements of authenticity and/or integrity

The biodiversity of the territory is preserved in completely invariable condition that is proved by integrity of landscapes and presence rare and vanishing species of flora and fauna. It is supposed to take under protection and nominate all the high zones to the World List of Natural Heritage, which will help to provide integrity of protected object.

Comparison with other similar properties

Territories with preserved areas of relict tertiary forests have not been taken under protection at national and international levels yet. Moreover, this nomination at present time is the only proposal from these forest landscapes.