1.         Shirakami-Sanchi (Japan) (N 663)

Year of inscription on the World Heritage List  1993

Criteria  (ix)

Year(s) of inscription on the List of World Heritage in Danger  N/A

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Factors affecting the property identified in previous reports

logging of beech forests (issue resolved)

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Information presented to the Bureau of the World Heritage Committee in 1997

The Bureau was pleased to learn that, as requested by the Committee at the time of inscription of these two sites on the World Heritage List in 1993, IUCN had undertaken a mission to review their state of conservation and found that there were signficant improvements with regard to the management of both sites. The two sites now had well conceived management plans, providing opportunities to local communities to be involved in the management of the sites and conducting special programmes for educating the public in World Heritage values of the site. The Bureau noted that IUCN and the Japanese authorities were discussing the IUCN mission report to finalise the recommendations which will then be considered by the Japanese authorities for implementation.

The Bureau congratulated the Japanese authorities for strengthening the management of the two sites since their designation as World Heritage in 1993, and encouraged them to consider implementing the suggestions made in the IUCN report.

Conservation issues presented to the World Heritage Committee in 1997


Analysis and Conclusions of the World Heritage Centre and IUCN


Decision Adopted: 21 COM VII.C.41

VII.41 The Committee noted the decisions of the twenty-first extraordinary session of the Bureau as reflected in the Report of the Bureau session (Working Document WHC-97/CONF.208/4B Section III.A.c), on the following natural properties: