1.         Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou (Morocco) (C 444)

Year of inscription on the World Heritage List  1987

Criteria  (iv)(v)

Year(s) of inscription on the List of World Heritage in Danger  N/A

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International Assistance

Requests approved: 0 (from 2001-2001)
Total amount approved: USD 2,500
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UNESCO Extra-budgetary Funds


Previous monitoring missions

August 2000: World Heritage Centre expert mission; October-November 2002: joint UNESCO/UNDP mission

Factors affecting the property identified in previous reports

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Conservation issues presented to the World Heritage Committee in 2002

As requested by the Committee at its 25th session, the State Party submitted, in February 2002, a report on the progress on the implementation of the recommendations made in a report dated August 2000, including:

·  The completion of the listing process for the site, under the National Heritage Law, including the private properties therein;

·  The strengthening of the capacities of the CERKAS, the institution responsible for the safeguarding of the site;

·  The creation of  a management commission for the site;

·  The establishment of a working team to elaborate a Management Plan, to be completed by end 2001.

The report explains that significant steps have been undertaken towards the listing of the site, but that this has not been completed to this day, owing to the complex administrative procedures required.

With respect to the strengthening of the CERKAS, the State Party informed the Centre that efforts are being made to grant this institution the status of SEGMA (Service Gere de Maniere Autonome). Such a status would in the future enable the CERKAS to be remunerated in exchange of technical services to public administrations, thus contributing to its financial capacity.  An Inter-Ministerial Site Management Commission has indeed been established and, according to the report, meets every fifteen days to discuss the state of conservation of the site and measures to be carried out. This Commission, which includes representatives from most of the institutions concerned, both at the national and local level, has promoted a series of studies and actions, carried out by the relevant bodies, including water and electrical infrastructure projects; public septic tanks; the construction of parking lots next to the road leading to the site; water-proofing and plastering of the houses and paving of streets within the ksar; the construction of a bridge linking the two banks of the Uadi; and the setting up of a tourism development pilot project.

No information was provided on the establishment of a working team in charge of the preparation of a Management Plan, nor on the schedule for its execution and implementation.

Analysis and Conclusions of the World Heritage Centre, ICOMOS and ICCROM


Decision Adopted: 26 COM 21B.61

The World Heritage Committee,

1. Thanks the State Party for its commitment towards the rehabilitation of this World Heritage site, shown by the numerous initiatives undertaken under the thrust of the Site Management Commission; 

2. Expresses its concern at the launching of a series of important infrastructure projects at the site while the listing procedure is not yet completed, and especially in the absence of an adequate management plan prepared according to recognized international scientific standards, as well as of a management structure capable of ensuring the overall technical coordination and the monitoring of the various initiatives; 

3. Reiterates its request to the Moroccan authorities to adopt, in consultation with the World Heritage Centre, the necessary measures for the creation of a technical team and the preparation of a management plan and, to this end, encourages the State Party to apply for international assistance through the World Heritage Fund;

4. Requests the State Party to submit, by 1 February 2003, a report on the progress accomplished, for examination at its 27th session in June/July 2003.