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Patrimonito Storyboard Competition 2007

Storyboard winner 2007 © Niyonsanga Jackson | Niyonsanga Jackson
Geographical focus

Following the launching in December 2006 of the Patrimonito Storyboard Competition organized by the World Heritage Centre in coordination with the UNESCO Associated Schools, the contest results are now available.

Four hundred students from the Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda registered to take part in the Competition. They submitted one hundred fifty-nine storyboards carrying the theme on the protection of the World Heritage sites of the National park of Virunga (DRC), the Rwenzori Mountains National Park and the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (Uganda).

The next episode of the Patrimonito's World Heritage Adventures cartoon series will be produced on the basis of the winning storyboard. The name of the author, the name of the teacher as well as the school will appear in the generic of the film which will be distributed worldwide in CD and DVD format and will be made accessible to the public via the UNESCO World Heritage Centre website.


1st Price
Niyonsanga Jackson Download storyboard Lycée de Ruhengeri Apicur, Rwanda
2nd Price
Nshuti Hakim Download storyboard Lycée de Ruhengeri Apicur, Rwanda
3rd Price
Loubondo Monica Download storyboard CEG Matsoua, Republic of Congo
4th Price
Akello Martina and Nakalembe Angella Download storyboard Mont St. Mary's College Namagunga, Uganda
5th Price
Nagaba Linda and Nsiima Lillian Download storyboard Mont St. Mary's College  Namagunga, Uganda
Special mention

Watch the episode

6th: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Uganda (The Virunga Mountains)

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Download FLV format English/French/Spanish Russian/Arabic/Chinese

The Jury

On 15 May 2007, a pre-selection team from the World Heritage Centre evaluated all the storyboards received and elected 15 storyboard finalists based on the following criteria:

  • creative quality of the design
  • content of the storyboard
  • realism of the scenario
  • and overall presentation of the submitted work

The members of the pre-selection team were: Fabien Ferry, Marta Severo, Pieter Portauw, Alexandra Capello, Raheel Mohammad, Souhila Aouak and Carméla Quin.

On 30 May 2007, the Jury met to choose the best from among the 15 storyboard finalists. The winning storyboard shall be the reference for the production of a cartoon which will become the 6th  episode of the cartoon series Patrimonito's World Heritage Adventures.

The members of the Jury

  • Marc Patry, Programme specialist, natural heritage expert, WHC
  • Lazare Eloundou Assomo, Programme Specialist, Africa Section, WHC
  • Marianne Raabe, Programme assistant, Arab States Section, WHC
  • Vesna Vujicic-Lugassy, Chief, Promotion, Publication and Education unit, WHC
  • Carméla Quin, Focal Point for World Heritage Education Programme, WHC
  • Souhila Aouak, Assistant, Communication, Education and Partnership section, WHC
  • Livia Saldari, Programme Specialist, International Coordination of UNESCO Associated Schools
  • Katrin Heil, Intern, International Coordination of UNESCO Associated Schools
  • Jessica Bunning, Programme specialist, Global Earth Observation Section
  • Patrick Béraud et Jérémy Rochigneux, Metronomic film company project managers in charge of the production of the 6th film episode of the cartoon series
Criteria for the selection 
  • presentation of the value of the site
  • presentation of the threats facing the site
  • pertinence of the proposed solution