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[in French only] Actualités sur l'avancement des projets de la Convention France Unesco. Saint Louis du Sénégal : Suivi de projet. « Niger - Loire : gouvernance et culture », projet européen. « Villages antiques » du nord de la Syrie : atelier de travail et sensibilisation. idlib, 11-12 avril 2008. Riga, Lettonie : cooperation riga, ...
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Aksum, August 1 - The third and last block of the Aksum Obelisk was successfully mounted by the UNESCO teams yesterday 31 July in its original location in Ethiopia. The monument’s reinstallation was greeted with joy by the local people, who spontaneously organized musical concerts yesterday at the site. Weighing 150 tons and 24 meters high, the obelisk is the second largest stela on ...
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