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[in French only] Vie de la CFU Réunion du Comite mixte de coordination, 26 avril 2011, UNESCO, Paris. Comite du patrimoine mondial, Paris, 19-29 juin 2011. Participation aux 9èmes Rencontres de l'Association des biens français du patrimoine mondial (ANBPM), Besançon, 8-10 juin 2011. Actualités sur l'avancement des projets CFU Le projet ...
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The most important triennial gathering of ICOMOS will take place from 27 November to 2 December 2011 for the first time in Paris at UNESCO Headquarters. The General Assembly is accompanied by a Scientific Symposium on the theme "Heritage: Driver of Development". Both events are open to ICOMOS members and non-members alike. Visit the special website www.icomos-paris2011.com to consult the ...
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