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Aleppo must be saved: Call by the Chairman of the World Heritage Committee

Friday, 10 August 2012
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Ancient City of Aleppo © Editions Gelbart | Jean-Jacques Gelbart

"Regardless of political positioning, the public is deeply concerned about the security situation in Aleppo and the safety of its citizens during the civil conflict. Aleppo, the Milennial City of Art and History, Is now in Danger, and its Cultural heritage of outstanding universal value is now under threat.

On behalf of the World Heritage Committee, while expressing our solidarity with the troubled people of Aleppo, I request all those concerned in Syria and the world to protect the country’s cultural legacy in the historic city.

No part of the ancient treasure of humanity shall be destroyed. It is the collective responsibility of all humanity to urgently ensure the safeguarding and protection of Aleppo’s cultural properties."

Dr Sok An
Chair of the World Heritage Committee