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In Danger
Year Name of the property Country Type Region Property (ha) ID
1979 Białowieża Forest * BY N EUR 141,885 33
2005 Architectural, Residential and Cultural Complex of the Radziwill Family at Nesvizh BY C EUR 0 1196
1993 Town of Bamberg DE C EUR 142 624
2004 Muskauer Park / Park Mużakowski * DE C EUR 348 1127
1978 Historic Centre of Kraków PL C EUR 150 29
1978 Wieliczka and Bochnia Royal Salt Mines PL C EUR 1,105 32
1979 Auschwitz Birkenau
German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp (1940-1945)
PL C EUR 192 31
1979 Białowieża Forest * PL N EUR 141,885 33
1980 Historic Centre of Warsaw PL C EUR 26 30
1992 Old City of Zamość PL C EUR 75 564
1997 Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork PL C EUR 18 847
1997 Medieval Town of Toruń PL C EUR 48 835
1999 Kalwaria Zebrzydowska: the Mannerist Architectural and Park Landscape Complex and Pilgrimage Park PL C EUR 380 905
2001 Churches of Peace in Jawor and Świdnica PL C EUR 0 1054
2003 Wooden Churches of Southern Małopolska PL C EUR 8 1053
2004 Muskauer Park / Park Mużakowski * PL C EUR 348 1127
2006 Centennial Hall in Wrocław PL C EUR 37 1165
2007 Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe * PL N EUR 99,948 1133
2013 Wooden Tserkvas of the Carpathian Region in Poland and Ukraine * PL C EUR 7 1424
2017 Tarnowskie Góry Lead-Silver-Zinc Mine and its Underground Water Management System PL C EUR 1,673 1539
2019 Krzemionki Prehistoric Striped Flint Mining Region PL C EUR 349 1599
2000 Bardejov Town Conservation Reserve SK C EUR 24 973
2013 Wooden Tserkvas of the Carpathian Region in Poland and Ukraine * UA C EUR 7 1424

*: transboundary property

Category of property

Cultural Natural Mixed

Property inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger

Cultural Natural Mixed


The Nomination files produced by the States Parties are published by the World Heritage Centre at its website and/or in working documents in order to ensure transparency, access to information and to facilitate the preparations of comparative analysis by other nominating States Parties.

The sole responsibility for the content of each Nomination file lies with the State Party concerned. The publication of the Nomination file, including the maps and names, does not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever of the World Heritage Committee or of the Secretariat of UNESCO concerning the history or legal status of any country, territory, city or area or of its boundaries.

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