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N°: 208

Improvement of infrastructure, environmental education programme and rural extension activities in Darien National Park.

State Party
27,000 USD
Approved amount
6 Dec 1985
Decision Date
Process Step
Amount Requested: 40,000 USD
Type of Assistance: Natural / Conservation
Modality: Technical Cooperation
Previous Id: 1985-029
World Bank: UMC
N°: 208
Decision: Approved
Decision by: Committee
Approved amount: 27,000 USD
Decision Date: 6 Dec 1985

Committee Decisions

Code: 09COM XIV.42

42. The Committee approved the following requests for technical cooperation:

Costa Rica - Talamanca La Amistad Reserve: $40,000
The Committee noted that $20,000 of this amount concerned training activities.

Panama - Darien National Park: $27,000
The Committee decided not to support the construction of park guard stations within the Park as it was considered that this activity should be covered under the national counterpart contribution.

Sri Lanka - Anuradhapura: $28,000
The Secretariat informed the Committee that the Sri Lankan authorities had previously submitted a request for a total of $42,000, of which $28,000 had been identified for priority activities.

Zaire - Salonga National Park: $28,000


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Code: 09BUR VIII22

The Bureau recommended that the Committee approve these two requests, respectively US$ 20,000 for Talamanca-La Amistad (Costa Rica) and US$ 40,000 for Darien National Park (Panama).

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