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The UNESCO World Heritage Centre has the honor to invite you to the inauguration of the exhibition “A plastic view of the Chinchorro Culture’s Mummies 7000 years back” by the artist Paula Rivera del Sol which will be held on Tuesday 8th November 2005 at 18.30 at UNESCO’s headquarters, Room Miró (Ground Floor).The inauguration will count with the presence of His Excellency Mr. Ambassador of ...
10th European Ecological Congress
08-Nov-2005 - 13-Nov-2005
This congress is organized by the European Ecological Federation (EEF), the Turkish Ecological Society and the Ege University Centre for Environmental Studies.EEF is working to: i) promote the development of the science of ecology, ii) evaluate and disseminate information about ecology, and iii) apply ecological principles to global needs, particularly through its congresses and workshops. ...
Meeting on "World Heritage Periodic Reporting in Europe: Towards an Action Plan"
[in French only] L’UNESCO accueille du 7 au 14 novembre 2005, une exposition de photographies consacrées à la restauration du Monastère de Probota, l’une des plus anciennes des sept églises de Moldavie à peinture extérieure, partie intégrante du site roumain « Les Eglises de Moldavie » inscrit sur la Liste du patrimoine mondial depuis 1993. Cette manifestation, réalisée par le Ministère de la ...
This workshop will include, amongst other activities: interactive panels, discussion sessions and a visit to the Coffee Plantation of the Southeast of Cuba which is a World Heritage Site.The workshop’s approach to the sub-region’s cultural landscapes will focus on the complexities of the Caribbean’s multi-cultural diversity and its current social, economic and climatic challenges. It will ...
Regional workshop on the World Heritage Convention and the Conservation of African cultural landscapes.
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