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Modern Architecture and World Heritage
18-Nov-2005 - 19-Nov-2005
A conference organized by the University of Naples Federico II in collaboration with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre.It will be divided in 3 sections: the first chaired by Francesco Bandarin, Director of UNESCO's World Heritage Centre, on "Modern Architecture in the UNESCO World Heritage List"; the second, chaired by Prof. Giorgio Ciucci on "Fascist architecture in the 30's" and the third, ...
The World Heritage Centre, in collaboration with the Kenyan National Commission for UNESCO and thanks to the Italian Funds in Trust, is pleased to announce the opening of the anglophone session of the African Regional Programme for Capacity Building and Sustainable Development of Natural World Heritage Sites in Africa in Nanyuki, Mount Kenya. This interdisciplinary seminar will provide site ...
This workshop will include, amongst other activities: interactive panels, discussion sessions and a visit to the Coffee Plantation of the Southeast of Cuba which is a World Heritage Site.The workshop’s approach to the sub-region’s cultural landscapes will focus on the complexities of the Caribbean’s multi-cultural diversity and its current social, economic and climatic challenges. It will ...
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