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Regional Experts Meeting on Cultural Landscapes in Central America, San José, Costa Rica, September 27-29, 2000
World Heritage Fossil Sites Workshop
22-Sep-2000 - 01-Oct-2000
The meeting participants wished to bring to the attention of all relevant organisations and authorities concerned with World Heritage, fossil sites and geological sites the following points and recommendations from the meeting, bearing in mind the forthcoming World Heritage Committee meeting in Cairns. The conference brought together representatives from World Heritage Fossil sites ...
Final report Saouma-Forero, Galia,Expert Meeting on Authenticity and Integrity in an African Context; Great Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe; 2000 Authenticity and Integrity Summary of ICCROM Position Paper, Amsterdam 1998 Jukka Jokilehto in collaboration with Joseph King (02 February 2000) 1. Integrated Strategic Process The World Heritage Convention identifies as the duty of the States Parties to ...
The Operational Guidelines for the implementation of the World Heritage Convention were initially drafted in 1978 to inform States Parties to the World Heritage Convention of the principles which guide the work of the 21 member intergovernmental World Heritage Committee. The Guidelines provide advice concerning the establishment of the World Heritage List and the List of World Heritage in ...
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