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Orientation Session for Committee Members

21 June 2009

Provisional Programme

Part 1:Welcome (14:30 - 14:35)

Session 1.1: Welcome by the Chairperson of the World Heritage Committee

Part 2:Statement of Outstanding Universal Value (14:35 - 15:00)

Session 2.1: Format of the Statement of Outstanding Universal Value

  • Part One: Format of the SoOUV and examples of SoOUV, problems in developing SoOUV for existing sites, priorities for development of SoOUV for existing sites, overall schedule for developing SoOUV for In-Danger sites, reactive monitoring, and periodic reporting (15 mn)
  • Discussion: (10 mn)

Part 3: Management of World Heritage properties (15:00 - 16:15)

Session 3.1: Management systems

  • Part One: Overview of management systems/management plans (10 mn)
  • Part Two: What ICOMOS looks for in regard to an adequate management system (10 mn)
  • Part Three: What IUCN looks for in regard to an adequate management system (10 mn)
  • Discussion: (15 mn)

Session 3.2: Monitoring of World Heritage properties

  • Part One: Monitoring for Management Effectiveness for Natural Heritage Sites (10 mn)
  • Part Two: Monitoring for Cultural Heritage Sites (10 mn)
  • Discussion: (10 mn)

Part 4: State of Conservation (16:45 - 17:45)

Session 4.1: Reactive Monitoring/State of Conservation of Sites on the World Heritage List/Reinforced Monitoring Mechanism

  • Part One: How sites get into the Reactive Monitoring system, Information received from State Parties, Information received from other sources, Letters from the World Heritage Centre, Roles of AB and WHC, Missions, Types of problems at the current time, Overall process, Reinforced Monitoring Mechanism, Format of the reports, Possible outcomes (the main types of decision that the Committee can take), Follow-up, How sites get out of the Reactive Monitoring system (10 mn)
  • Discussion: (10 mn)

Session 4.2: List of World Heritage in Danger and Desired State of Conservation for the removal of the property from the List of World Heritage in Danger

  • Part One: Current state of the list, types of danger prevalent at the current time, procedure for putting a site on the List in Danger (including need for SoOUV, Desired State of Conservation, corrective measures, etc.) procedure for taking a property off the List in Danger and for deletion from the World Heritage List (10 mn)
  • Discussion: (10 mn)

Session 4.3: Periodic Reporting

  • Part One: Process of Periodic Reporting, State of the process in Arab States and Africa, Preparation of SoOUV as first step in the process, Tasks of the State Parties, Tasks of the World Heritage Centre, Tasks of the Advisory Bodies, Reporting to the Committee (10 mn)
  • Discussion: (10 mn)

Part 5: Closing Session (17:45 - 18:30)

Session 5.1: Summary of General Procedural Issues for the Committee Meeting (30 mn)

Session 5.2: Evaluation of the Orientation Session, Summary and Conclusions (15 mn)

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Sunday, 21 June 2009

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Sevilla, Spain