Documentation for Conservation and Development: New Heritage Strategies for the Future


Currently, documentation is approached in a very linear fashion and in most situations uses only traditional methods of recording; deals solely with traditional heritage themes such as architecture and is devoid of any human element. In challenging the way we think about documentation, ways may be established of using it to benefit development and sustainability, a priority of the World Heritage Convention.

The purpose of this Seminar therefore is two-fold.  Primarily, it aims to look at new and innovative ways of using documentation not only as a tool for conservation but also as a way to help and encourage development.  Secondly, it wishes to explore new ways in which the process of documentation is carried out, such as using new technologies that will allow different themes to be recorded.

Thematic Areas

  1. Documentation Tools for Management of Cultural Heritage
  2. Documentation for Sustainable Conservation of Built Heritage
  3. Documentation for the Conservation of Archaeological Properties
  4. Documentation for the Conservation of Historic Centres, Cities and Urbanscapes
  5. Documentation for Museum Conservation and Interpretation
  6. Evaluation Tools to Evaluate the Socio-Economic Impact of World Heritage Listing 
  7. Documentation for Conservation of Intangible Heritage

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