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Safeguarding African World Heritage as a Driver for Sustainable Development

Tuesday 31 May 2016
Friday 03 Jun 2016

The international conference " Safeguarding African World Heritage as a Driver of Sustainable Development" co-organized by UNESCO World Heritage Centre, United Republic of Tanzania and the People's Republic of China will be held from 31 May to 3 June 2016 at the World Heritage property, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, in Arusha (Tanzania).  

Purpose of the conference

The conference will bring together various stakeholders in African heritage to raise awareness on the timely topic of heritage conservation and sustainable development. Discussions will reflect the concern for “planet, people, prosperity and peace”, identified as areas of critical importance in the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The conference’s principal goal is to address the issues, challenges, and major threats related to the effective management and conservation of World Heritage in Africa. The conference's recommendations will be submitted to the States Parties to the World Heritage Convention, UNESCO, development partners, and representatives of industry, civil society and local communities.

The following papers have been selected:

Environmental Sustainability

Gérard Rambeloarisoa (Madagascar)

Les Forêts humides de l'Atsinanana

Godwin Evenyo Dzekoto

Community resource management areas (CREMAS) in Ghana; a promising framework for community based conservation

Jean-Joseph Mapilanga wa Tsaramu

La sauvegarde du patrimoine mondial africain moteur de developpement durable, cas de la RDC, Parc national des Virunga

John Makombo

A demonstration of Conservation of Bwindi Impenetrable and Rwenzori Mountains National Parks and World Heritage Sites as a Centre of wealth creation and improve livelihoods

Hamissou Halilou Malam Garba

Contribution des communautés locales dans la gestion et conservation de la biodiversité de la Réserve naturelle de l'Aïr et du Ténéré au Niger

Kelvin Chanda

Invoking co-management as a tool in the conservation and sustainable development of World Heritage properties in Africa

Inclusive Social and Economic Development (part 1)

Alpha Diop

Tombouctou : l’avenir des maçons traditionnels

James Wakibara

Tourism in natural World Heritage sites and local community livelihoods: a Tanzanian experience

Pascall Taruvinga
(South Africa)

Conservation and socio-economic: challenges and opportunities of involving stakeholders in developing World Heritage sites as ‘hybrid’ institutions; case of Mapungubwe Cultural landscapes and Robben Island

Feryal Ali Gauhar

Cultural Conservation, Sustainability, Participatory Methodologies and the Reconstruction of Post-Disaster Communities: Building Resilience in Sindh, Pakistan

Bakonirina Rakotomamonjy

AfriCAP2016, capacity building and synergies between heritage actors in West Africa

Kizito Sikuka

Safeguarding African Heritage - Media the Missing Link?

Inclusive Social and Economic Development (Part 2)

Charles M. Musiba
(Tanzania and China)

Towards a community-based conservation and sustainable use of Tanzania’s heritage: Lessons from Zhoukodian (China) to Laetoli (Tanzania) World Heritage sites

Baba Ceesay

Revamping a heritage tourism destination for more sustainable growth

Emma Imalwa

The management of Twyfelfontein World Heritage Site, Namibia


Gertrude Mamotse Matswiri

Sustainable Development at World Heritage sites through government, private sector, NGO & local communities partnership; The case of Tsodilo Hills Community Initiatives Project; Experiences, Challenges and Prospects 

Hamida Rhouma-Ghmari

La conservation intégrée du site de Dougga : un outil de développement local durable

Herman Kiriama

Sustainable heritage management: The case of Mijikenda Kayas, Kenya

Fostering Peace and Security

Marshet Girmay Endeshaw

A Contested Territory in a sacralized landscape: The fight of the Gich Community over Semien Mountains National Park

Anthony Sham



Hyeon Ju KIM
(UNESCO Africa Department)

Le projet « Supports pédagogiques sur le patrimoine culturel africain en milieu post-conflit »

Aldiouma YATTARA

Le Tombeau des Askia de Gao, un espace de prévention et résolution des conflits

Cosma Wilungula Balongelwa

Peace and Security in the RDC sites

To be confirmed

Cultural Heritage

Corinne Forest (Mauritius)

The contribution of the World Heritage Status in Mauritius: the case of the Aapravasi Ghat World Heritage Site

Marcela Jaramillo Contreras

Heritage Guardians

Hoseah Wanderi 

Infrastructural Development and Conservation of Heritage: A Case Study of Lamu Old Town World Heritage Site

Nelson Guma

Cultural Values Conservation: An approach for preservation of cultural heritage and local economic development - Experiences of Rwenzori Mountains National Park World Heritage site, Uganda, East Africa

Affoh Guenneguez
Côte d’Ivoire)

L’appropriation symbolique du Quartier France de Grand-Bassam par les N’zima

Christopher Polglase (USA)

Cultural Heritage and Sustainability: Focusing on the implementation phase of major projects

Partners' Session

Nehemiah Murusuri

Engaging communities in conservation and sustainable development of African World Heritage: Lessns learned from COMPACT

Sébastien Moriset
(architect, CRAterre, coordinator of the EU-Kilwa project);

Nuria Sánchez Muñoz
(architect, CRAterre);

Tatu Magina
(local coordinator of the EU-Kilwa project)

Kilwa, Tanzania: Promoting the cultural capital beyond the World Heritage boundaries

Stephen Battle
(World Monuments Fund)

Cultural Heritage Preservation as a Catalyst for Positive Change – Case studies at Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo Mnara, Tanzania and Lalibela, Ethiopia.
Alison Clausen, Matthew Hatchwell and Robert Mwinyihali

(Wildlife Conservation Society)

Sustainable Development and African Natural World Heritage Sites in Danger 

Noëlle Kümpel
(Zoological Society of London)

Safeguarding African World Heritage sites from extractives activities

Taye Teferi

Improving People’s Livelihoods Through Nature: Natural World Heritage Sites as Drivers of Sustainable Development

Catherine Antomarchi, Joe King and Terry Little

ICCROM and the future of Africa’s past


Concept note
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Conference Agenda 
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Practical Information

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Selected Abstracts
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Policy document on World Heritage and sustainable development, adopted by the 20th General Assembly in 2015 (English and French language versions available at: https://whc.unesco.org/en/sessions/20ga/)

The Paris agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 
Africa 2063 Agenda “The Africa We Want”, framework document (EnglishFrenchPortuguese)

UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda

The Paris agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change