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Decision 37 COM 11
Revision of the Rules of Procedure

The World Heritage Committee,

1.  Having examined Document WHC-13/37.COM/11 ,

2.  Recalling Decisions 35 COM 12B and 36 COM 9A adopted at its 35th (UNESCO, 2011) and 36th sessions (Saint Petersburg, 2012) respectively,

3.  Decides to amend Articles 22.6, 22.7, 23.1 and 23.2 of the Rules of Procedure as follows:

Rule 22. Order and time-limit of speeches

22.6 States Parties shall not speak to World Heritage properties in their own territories, except at the explicit invitation of the Chairperson within the allowed time for their speech and in response to specific questions posed.

22.7 Representatives of a State Party, whether or not a member of the Committee, may be invited by the Chairperson to present their views after the Advisory Bodies have presented their evaluation of the site proposed by the State, a report on the state of conservation of a property on their territory, or to support the approval of an assistance request submitted by that State. After this permitted time, the State Party may be allowed to take the floor again, but only in order to answer questions, within a limited time, that have been asked. This provision also applies to other observers mentioned in Rule 8.

Rule 23. Text of proposals

23.1 At the request of any member of the Committee, supported by two other members, discussion of any motion, resolution or amendment may be suspended until the written text is circulated in the working languages to all Committee members present.

23.2. The proposed amendments or Decisions will only be accepted and communicated to the members of the Committee if they are signed only by the member of the Committee who is author.  

Decision Code
37 COM 11
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Decisions Adopted by the World Heritage Committee at its 37th Session (Phnom Penh, 2013)
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