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Decision 33 COM 7B.21
Pirin National Park (Bulgaria) (N 225)

The World Heritage Committee,

1. Having examined Document WHC-09/33.COM/7B,

2. Recalling Decision 31 COM 7B.27, adopted at its 31st session (Christchurch, 2007),

3. Also recalling that the Outstanding Universal Value of the property has been repeatedly and significantly impacted by the development of ski facilities and extension of tourism zones, to the extent that the property may be considered for inscription on the List of World Heritage in Danger,

4. Notes that the State Party has resubmitted a proposed extension for examination by the World Heritage Committee at its 34th session in 2010;

5. Considers that continued ski development is a critical threat to the Outstanding Universal Value of the property;

6. Strongly urges the State Party to ensure that no further development of ski facilities or extension of the tourism zones takes place within the property, and to ensure all necessary steps to provide for rigorous enforcement of protection and planning requirements within Pirin National Park, and in relation to developments outside its boundaries that could affect it;

7. Requests IUCN, in carrying out its evaluation of the proposed extension of the property, to also consider the state of conservation of the existing property, and to review and advise whether its Outstanding Universal Value, has been negatively affected by the recent developments;

8. Also requests the State Party to submit to the World Heritage Centre, by 1 February 2010, a report on the state of conservation of the property, with particular reference to its effective protection from inappropriate development and human use within and beyond its boundaries, for examination by the World Heritage Committee at its 34th session in 2010, with a view to considering, in the absence of substantial progress, the possible inscription of the property on the List of World Heritage in Danger.

Decision Code
33 COM 7B.21
States Parties 1
Properties 1
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2009 Pirin National Park
Final Decisions of the 33rd Session of the World Heritage Committee (Seville, 2009)
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