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Year start: 1997close
Year end: 1997close
Session: 21COM 1997close
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IV.1 In the absence of the Rapporteur of the twenty-first session of the Bureau, Mr. Lambert Messan (Niger), the Chairperson invited the Committee to take note of the report (WHC-97/CONF.204/11). IV.2 The Rapporteur of the Committee presented his report on the twenty-first extraordinary session of the Bureau of the World Heritage Committee, held on 28 and 29 November 1997 in Naples which has been prepared in three parts according to the agenda items. The Committee took note of the report.
V.6 The Committee decided to prolong the work of the Consultative Body, to be chaired by the President of the World Heritage Committee, Professor F. Francioni (Italy). The Delegate of Australia stated that the Director of the Centre should also be closely involved in the work of the Consultative Body. It was decided that the Consultative Body would report initially to the twenty-second session of the Bureau and then to the twenty-second session of the Committee. The Committee asked that the Consultative Body analyse the Management Review Report, further study the use of the emblem and ...
The Committee took note of Information Documents WHC-97/CONF.208/INF.7, WHC-97/CONF.208/INF.8, WHC-97/CONF.INF.12 and WHC-97/CONF.208/INF.13. IX.1 The Global Strategy approved by the Committee in 1994 aims at improving the representivity of cultural heritage on the World Heritage List and redressing the imbalance due to the pre-eminence of Europe, Christianity and monumental architecture, as well as to encourage the nomination of properties illustrating archaeological, industrial and technical heritage from non-European cultures and, in general, of all living cultures, particularly ...
XVII.1 The Rapporteur presented the draft report of the session to the Committee and thanked the Secretariat for their support in its preparation. Following the examination of the report, the Committee adopted it with the amendments noted and received in written form during its debate. XVII.2 The Delegate of Niger regretted that due to his late arrival he was not able to participate in the discussions on the state of conservation of properties. In referring to paragraph VII.20 concerning Air and Ténéré Reserve (Niger), he informed the Committee that a meeting between the Local Management ...