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Session: 14COM 1990close
By Year
La Amistad/Talamanca Range (Costa Rica) The Committee noted the need to review the original boundaries. of this site in order to exclude those areas not of outstanding universal value and extend the site to include the expanded Talamanca and Chirripo National Parks. The Committee asked the Secretariat to suggest to the Costa Rican authorities that they set the new boundaries of this property in response to IUCN's suggestion.
Garamba National Park (Zaire) The Committee was pleased with the significant improvement in the state of conservation of this property, which the Zairian authorities were preparing to ask be taken off the List of World Heritage in Danger. The Committee wished to continue to be kept informed of the state of conservation of this property, which was the focus of a major rehabilitation project supported by a consortium of donors including the World Heritage Fund.
Kahuzi-Biega National Park (Zaire) The Committee expressed concern about the proposed construction of a highway along the existing line of a little-used old colonial road that crosses this park. If built, this highway would be the main link between the densely populated regions of the Great Lakes of Central Africa and the navigable part of the Zaire River. The Committee noted the existence of an alternative route to the north of Kahuzi-Biega and asked that a comparative study of the two routes be conducted. The Committee instructed the Secretariat to inform the Zairian authorities and ...
26. As the Bureau requested during its last session, the French representative reported on the siltation problems at Mont St. Michel and its Bay. The Committee noted with satisfaction the planned siltation control works, including the demolition of the dike providing access to Mont St. Michel and its present parking facilities and the replacement of this dike with a bridge that will reestablish water circulation. The Committee wished to encourage the French authorities to implement these projects as soon as ...
27. The representative of Senegal informed the Committee that a bilaterally financed project would be carried out at the Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary to improve the management of this property and enhance the control of water levels.
Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve (Honduras) The Committee noted that the Honduran authorities had submitted to the Secretariat a nomination of this property to the List of World Heritage in Danger. The Committee was unable to make a decision on this nomination, however, in the absence of any request for international assistance for this property pursuant to article 11.4 of the Convention. The Committee consequently urged the Honduran authorities to prepare and submit such a request as soon as possible.
28. The Committee congratulated the Secretariat for the many activities carried out in 1990. They are presented in document CC-90/CONF.004/5, which is focused on the implementation and dissemination of background material on the Convention, on the production of films and features on World Heritage Sites and on the planning of exhibitions in States Parties and other States. 29. With respect to the distribution of video-cassettes, the Committee noted that non-commercial distribution was insured by Unesco's distribution network, but that commercial distribution posed a number of legal ...
33. The Committee noted with satisfaction the proposals submitted by the Secretariat in document CC-90/CONF.004/6 regarding two separate exercises designed to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Convention: on the one hand, an assessment of the implementation of the Convention and the preparation of a strategy for the future; on the other, promotional events designed to make the Convention better known. 34. The Committee felt that, although these were two separate exercises, there was a great deal to be said for regarding them as complementary so as to make 1992 a ...
46. The Committee examined the document prepared by the Secretariat in this regard and congratulated the Secretariat on its clear presentation of the requests submitted. Considering the Bureau's recommendations, the Committee decided to approve the following requests: A - TECHNICAL CO-OPERATION CULTURAL PROPERTIES 1.  Ngorongoro Conservation Area (United Republic of Tanzania) US$49,782Purchase of a Land Rover and radio equipment for the archaeological and paleontological site of Olduvai. 2.  Studenica Monastery (Yugoslavia) US$51,000Purchase of computer and photographic ...
B - TRAINING 1. International Course on Stone Conservation Technology (ICCROM-Unesco) US$40,000Participation of 12 fellowship recipients from developing countries in the course, which will be held in May and June 1991 in Venice, and financial contribution to the fees and travel expenses of the lecturers. 2. Regional Training Course for the Conservation of Murals (ICCROM) US$40,000Fees and travel costs of five lecturers and participation of 16 fellowship recipients, who are restorers from South and Southeast Asia in a course which will be held in Lucknow (India). 3. Training Course in ...
48. The Committee examined document CC-90/CONF.004/8 presenting the status of contributions to the World Heritage Fund for the years 1981-1983, 1984-1985, 1986-1987, 1988-1989 and 1990-1991, the situation for the 1988-1989 financial period, and the status of implementation of international assistance projects approved in 1989 and 1990. The statement on the use of the budget approved for 1990 and an estimate of the budget for 1991 were also submitted to the Committee. 49. The Committee followed the recommendations of the Bureau and decided to adopt the following budget for ...
50. The report of the Secretariat was presented and the voluntary work of the Bulgarian Delegate (study on the Mediaeval sites in the Balkans) and of the two experts seconded by the Greek Ministry of Culture for one month (three studies made available to the Committee). These three studies, on the Graeco-Hellenistic and correlated cultures, the Roman and correlated cultures and the Byzantine and correlated cultures were based on an examination of sites already listed, those on tentative lists and with the addition of sites proposed by the experts to fill gaps. In the case of Roman ...
Equitable representation of different regions and cultures of the world 58. The Committee considered the document on Equitable Representation (CC-90/CONF.004/INF.4). The Secretariat noted that it had followed this question closely over years and that it was difficult to make any more suggestions since ultimately this was a decision for the Committee.  59. In respect of paragraph 5(iii), the Secretariat emphasized that it could be difficult for States to indicate at the time of their candidature the names of experts who would represent them for the duration of their term of office. ...
69. The fifteenth session of the Bureau of the Committee will be held in Paris from 17 to 21 June 1991. For this occasion only, the session will last five days rather than four, given the especially full agenda for this session, at which, among other things, the Bureau must examine the issue of adopting new criteria allowing the examination of cultural landscapes for inclusion in the World Heritage List. 70. The Secretariat informed the Committee that the Government of Greece had indicated its intention to invite the Committee to hold its seventeenth session in that country in 1993. In ...