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Year start: 1994close
Year end: 1994close
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This archaeological site, inscribed in 1990 and excavated since the 19th century, continues to suffer from violent winds, high humidity and the sea. Conservation work has not been carried out systematically after each excavation campaign, and the site museum is too small. Moreover, the personnel responsible for the surveillance of the site appear to be insufficient. Furthermore, it seems that pastures close to the archaeological site have been rented to the Municipality of Myknos for grazing land. The Bureau requested the World Heritage Centre to ask the Greek authorities for precise ...
Sites: Delos
This site, which was inscribed in 1992, is threatened by the expansion of activities linked with tourism. The avenues and surrounding area of the archaeological site are threatened by urbanism and the construction of hotel complexes. Moreover, the archaeological site is subject to vibrations from the nearby airport which now accommodates large carriers, and for which an extension is planned. The Bureau requested the World Heritage Centre to request the Greek authorities to ensure that the Antiquities Law is strictly observed, so as to limit threats weighing on the site due to tourist ...
This site was inscribed in 1987. The MAP/UNEP Coordinator of the 100 historical sites" Programme informed the Bureau that the Technical and Scientific Committee created in 1988 and which was responsible for evaluating the security of the Tower of Pisa, did remarkable work. A series of enquiries, measures and studies were undertaken to obtain information on all the physico­mechanical characteristics of the substratum, and to make various hypotheses of structural evolution. The intervention approved by the Technical Committee in the spring of 1992 necessitated the development of a ...
The Bureau expressed concern following the report presenting the different threats to the integrity of the site of Pétra, especially with regard to: 1) the serious impact of some ten new hotels planned or under construction, both on the visitor capacity of the site, their visibility from the site and the disproportion of several of them in relation to the village habitations, the destruction of archaeological vestiges which they cause, pollution and soil erosion; 2) the negative impact of the pumping station planned for Wadi Musa and its new hotels; 3) the risks caused to the site by ...
Sites: Petra
The Bureau expressed concern with the lack of general maintenance of the site, especially the lack of permanent and effective surveillance. It requested the World Heritage Centre to request the Jordanian authorities to take the necessary measures to ensure the satisfactory maintenance and management of the site.
Sites: Quseir Amra
World Heritage sites in Mexico: The Observer of Mexico informed the Bureau that the Mexican National Institute for Anthropology and History (INAH) prepared state of conservation reports on the ten cultural and natural sites that were inscribed on the World Heritage List until 1992. He emphasized that Mexico has taken this initiative as it feels that it is an integral element of the implementation of the World Heritage Convention in the country and that it is one of the obligations of the States Parties to the Convention to report on the state of conservation of the sites and on the ...
The Bureau recalled that the case of Puebla was briefly discussed at the seventeenth session of the Committee. The Secretariat informed the Bureau that since then, it continued to receive letters and reports from individuals, associations and organizations on the rehabilitation plan for Puebla, particularly the so-called Rio San Francisco area. A report was received on 28 March 1994 from the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) that a regional development programme called ANGELOPOLIS is in preparation for an area of the State of Puebla including 14 municipalities ...
The current state of the Kathmandu Valley World Heritage site had been the cause of apprehension since 1992 and had already appeared on the agenda of a number of meetings of the Bureau and of the World Heritage Committee. The Bureau was informed of the conclusions of the joint UNESCO/ICOMOS Review Mission of 14-30 November 1993, which had recommended that the site be placed on the List of World Heritage in Danger and returned to the World Heritage List within a period of one to three years, after sixteen specific matters of concern had been met. It was explained that the World Heritage ...
The Bureau was informed of the considerable improvements for site conservation and management in the two years since the initial mission. These improvements were achieved with the support of the Canadian Government. The Bureau noted with satisfaction that ICOMOS will provide a detailed report to the Committee session in December, including a long-term assessment of conservation problems at the site for the decade to come.
Sites: Kizhi Pogost
This property inscribed in 1978 was also the subject of an International Campaign of UNESCO. The Coordinator of the MAP/UNEP "100 historical sites" Programme presented the results of the studies and restoration work carried out since 1965. The evaluation would indicate that a number of buildings have been preserved and conserved, however the island's problems of socio­economic and development have yet to be resolved. Restorationwork is no longer sufficient; the needs of the population struck by unemployment must be considered. Actions to create employment to allow the population to ...
In December 1993, on the occasion of the seventeenth session of the World Heritage Committee in Cartagena, it was reported that information from local and national authorities in Spain confirmed the setting-up of a multidisciplinary advisory council (Building Committee) which had drafted a Master Plan setting out the priorities for restoration and all other work on Burgos Cathedral. ICOMOS confirmed to the Bureau that the issue of coordinating actions and respective roles with regard to the Cathedral have now been solved. The Ministry of Culture, the Regional Government of Castille and ...
December 1993, a working meeting was held at Headquarters on 31 May 1994, with the Delegate of the Syrian Arab Republic to UNESCO and the national authorities in charge of the conservation of the cultural heritage. A work plan for this site was thus prepared which will be financed through the US$ 19,500 accorded by the Chairperson of the World Heritage Committee in 1992. A technological partnership has been set up by UNESCO with the Electricity of France which will provide one or two experts in hydrogeology, and thus make substantial savings. A contract for the use of the balance of the ...
The Bureau was informed that, in accordance with the recommendations of UNESCO's expert mission carried out in December 1993, a working meeting was held at Headquarters on 31 May 1994, with the Delegate of the Syrian Arab Republic to UNESCO and the national authorities in charge of the conservation of the cultural heritage. The World Heritage Centre was thus informed that the Syrian authorities are currently preparing a global project to safeguard and develop the city of Palmyra, for which a contribution to the national financial efforts will be requested from the Committee at its ...
The Bureau was informed that the Proceedings of the International Seminar on the Preservation of the Rock Churches of GSreme, which was held at the site from 5 to 11 September 1993 with the support of the World Heritage Fund, are currently under publication at ICCROM, in close collaboration with the Turkish authorities in charge of conservation. The World Heritage Fund provided US$ 10,000 to finance this publication. The Bureau took note of this information.
The Delegate of the United States of America recalled that the Committee at its seventeenth session expressed its concern about plans for the extension of the Taos Airport, as this would pose a potential threat to this World Heritage site. The Delegate informed the Bureau that the National Park Service has been in close and continuous consultations with Pueblo's Governing Council, attorneys representing the Pueblo interests and with the responsible federal agency, (Federal Aviation Administration), and that it is of the opinion that full consultation and assessment procedures to evaluate ...
Sites: Taos Pueblo
This site which was inscribed in 1986 is threatened by the path of the A303 motorway through the southern part of the site. At the request of the Observer of the United Kingdom, a communication prepared by the concerned authorities was brought to the attention of the Bureau. Two proposals for the organization of the site will be discussed on 8 July 1994 at a meeting organized by The English Heritage and the National Trust, in which the representatives of the Ministry of Transportation and international experts will participate. The first foresees the construction of a tunnel which would ...
The Bureau approved US$30,000 for the organization of a workshop to be held in 1994-1995 with a selected number of the centre's training partners in the field of the conservation and preservation of the cultural heritage, key individuals and colleagues from UNESCO's Secretariat to provide a sound basis for a fresh strategy. The Bureau asked the Centre to submit the overall evaluation findings as well as recommendations for a future training strategy to the World Heritage ...
The Bureau approved US$30,000 for a workshop to be held in 1994-1995 with a selected number of experts, specialists and key individuals, including agreement by the schools, to review the curricula of the courses, management objectives as well as the outcome of the courses. The Bureau asked that the Centre  submit the evaluation findings as well as  recommendations by the experts for a future training strategy for natural heritage to the World Heritage ...
Training in the Conservation and Management of Natural Heritage in the Arab Region The Bureau reviewed a request for US$30,000 for a two-week regional training seminar submitted by the Egyptian authorities, to be held in Egypt in April 1995 on conservation and management of natural heritage. The Bureau approved the requested sum of US$30,000 for the course and asked the Centre to proceed with an agreement on the course programme with the national ...
Historic Centre of the Town of Olinda (Brazil) - US$19,000: for a tourist study which would form part of the Urban Development Plan. Rock-hewn Churches of Ivanovo Monastery and Monastery of Rila (Bulgaria) - US$21,000: of which US$16,000 will be earmarked for the purchase of equipment and US$5,000 for advisory services on the nature of conservation measure to be undertaken. Old City of Dubrovnik (Croatia) - US$8,000: for the restoration of mural paintings in the 18th century Baroque Festival Palace, which was severely damaged in 1991. ICCROM will supervise the project in collaboration ...