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5. At the request of the IUCN representative, an item was added to the agenda concerning the status of conservation of natural properties included in the World Heritage List and the List of World Heritage in Danger. The agenda, thus amended, was adopted by the Committee.
6. Mr. Amini Aza MTURI (United Republic of Tanzania) was elected Chairman of the Committee by acclamation. Mr. Alex T. Davidson (Canada) was elected Rapporteur, and the representatives of the following States Parties were elected Vice-Chairmen, also by acclamation: Algeria, Bulgaria, India, Mexico and Norway. 7. The outgoing Chairman, Mr. J. Gazaneo (Argentina), congratulated the new Chairman and members of the Bureau on their election. He wished to convey some recent information to the Committee and make a few suggestions for the future. Mr. Gazaneo informed the Committee that an ...
8. The Secretary, Mr. B. von Droste, Director, Division of Ecological Sciences, reported on activities undertaken since the Committee's eighth session held in Buenos Aires from 29 October to 2 November 1984. He began by reviewing the general status of implementation of the Convention, announcing that six new States, viz. in chronological order, Qatar, New Zealand, Sweden, Dominican Republic, Hungary and Philippines had adhered to the Convention, bringing the number of States Parties to 88. The Convention thus continued to arouse the interest of an increasing number of States. It was to be ...
13. The Secretariat presented the report of the ninth session of the Bureau and an amendment to that report proposed by the representative of Algeria. The Committee took note of the report as amended.
14. Introducing agenda item 6, the Secretariat recalled the Bureau's proposals as contained in the report of the ninth session. It was pointed out that, in addition to the question of the growing number of nominations, the real problem raised by development of the Convention was that of monitoring the status of conservation of properties included on the List. 15. In regard to the Bureau's proposed measures to reduce the number of nominations to be processed each year, the Committee was of the view that it was preferable not to lay down strict rules but rather to appeal to States that ...
25. The representative of IUCN recalled that this question had been first raised at the eighth session of the Committee at Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1984 and that the Committee had requested IUCN to consult with ICOMOS and the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) to organise a task force on this subject. The meeting of this task force had taken place at the headquarters of ICOMOS (Paris) on 11 October 1985. 26. The representative of IUCN presented document SC-85/CONF.008/3, which summarized the main points of discussion of the task force and its conclusions, ...
29. The Committee examined 37 nominations to the World Heritage List, taking account of the Bureau's recommendations, and of the evaluations of ICOMOS and IUCN for each property. The Committee decided to include 30 culturaland natural properties on the World Heritage List. These are presented under section A below. The Committee decided to defer its decision on the two nominations presented under section B, and not to include the four properties presented under section C. Section D covers one property whose nomination has been withdrawn.
Göreme National Park and the rock sites of Cappadocia 357 Turkey C(i)(iii)(v) N(iii) The Committee encouraged the Turkish authorities to proceed with the legal formalities for the setting up of a Göreme National Park.
The historic mosque city of Bagerhat   321 Bangladesh C(iv) The Committee recommended to the Bangladesh authorities that they pursue a preservation and management plan in accordance with the conclusions of the Unesco mission sent to the site in 1983.
Royal palaces of Abomey 323 Benin  C(iii)(iv) The Committee stressed the importance of careful restoration in order to preserve the authenticity of the property.
Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Congonhas 334 Brazil C(i)(iv) The Committee expressed the wish that the integrity of this site be preserved, in particular      by ensuring that it is surrounded by a large protection zone, and noted with satisfaction a statement by the Mayor of Congonhas giving assurances that the relevant authorities would take strict care to preserve its surroundings.
Quebec (Historic area) 300 Canada C(iv)(vi) The Mayor of Quebec thanked the Committee for this inscription on the World Heritage List, pointing out that such an event would provide considerable support to the various Canadian authorities concerned, who will pursue their efforts to preserve the site.
Pont du Gard (Roman aqueduct) 344 France C(i)(iii)(iv) The Committee drew the attention of the French authorities to the importance of strictly protecting the site's surroundings.
Kaziranga National Park 337 India N(ii)(iv) The Committee encouraged the Indian authorities to provide a legal basis to protect the buffer zone south of the Park (Mikir Hills and the Karbi Plateau). The Committee expressed concern over the proposed construction of a railway along the southern boundary of the park and asked that environmental impact studies be carried out.