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Session: 04COM 1980close
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Opening of the session. Adoption of the agenda. Election of the Chairman, Vice-Chairmen and Rapporteur. Nominations to the World Heritage List. Technical co-operation requests. Protection of the World Heritage Emblem and of the name of the World Heritage Fund. Revised text of the "Operational Guidelines for the implementation of the World Heritage Convention". Measures to be taken to improve the balance between the cultural and the natural heritage in the implementation of the Convention. Public information activities. Consideration of ...
I would like to welcome the participants of the fourth session of the World Heritage Committee. The French Government is honored that this meeting, which brings together the leading specialists in historical monuments and natural sites, is being held in 1980 in France. At the request of the President of the Republic, 1980 is in fact Heritage Year in our country. It is marked by numerous activities initiated by the State, local communities and associations for preserving and enhancing the illustrious and more humble legacies of our people's past. It is fortu- nate that Heritage Year offers ...
The fourth session of the World Heritage Committee was held in Paris,  France, (1-5 September 1980) at the kind invitation of the French Government.  The meeting was attended by the following States Members of the World Heritage Committee: Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Egypt, France,Ghana, Iraq, Italy, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Senegal, Sudan, Switzerland, Tunisia, United States of America, and Yugoslavia.
Representatives of the International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) and of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) attended the meeting in an advisory capacity.
Observers from thirteen States Parties to the Convention which were not members of the Committee, namely Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Federal Republic of Germany, Haiti, Honduras, Jordan, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and Zaire also attended the session, as well as an observer from one other international organization: the Arab, Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization. The full list of participants will be found in Annex I to this report.
The Chairman, Dr. Shehata Adam, declared the session open and addressed the meeting to welcome the participants and thank the French Government for their kind invitation to hold the fourth session of the World Heritage Committee at the Hotel de Sully. M. Jean-Pierre Bady, Director of the Caisse nationale des monuments historiques et des sites,gave a welcoming speech which inaluded a brief history of the Hotel Bethune de Sully. M. Michel Batisse, Deputy Assistant Director-General, Sector of Sciences, addressed the meeting on behalf of M. Amadou Mahtar-M'Bow, Director-General of Unesco. M. ...
5. Dr. Shehata Adam brought to the attention of the Committee the text of a letter from the Government of Jordan regarding the nomination to the World Heritage List of the "Old City Jerusalem and its walls" and suggested the matter be taken up under Item 4 of the proposed agenda.6.  The delegate from the United States of America suggested that a working group on the balance between cultural and natural sites be established and the exanimation of the Report of the Rapporteur on the 4th session of the Bureau of the World Heritage Committee (19-22 May1980) was inserted between Items 10 ...
8. Mr. M. Parent was elected as Chairman of the Committee by accla- mation. The Committee then elected by acclamation the following representatives of States Members of the Committee as Vice-Chairmen : H. Exe. Prof. R.O. Slatyer (Australia), Mr. J. Adusei (Ghana), Mrs. R. Torres de Arauz (Panama), Mr. D. Hales (United States of America), Dr. M. Prelog (Yugoslavia) and Mr. A. Beschaouch (Tunisia) as Rapporteur. Dr. S. Adam (Egypt), the former Chairman of the Committee, was invited to participate in the work of the Bureau. 9. Mr. M. Parent, in his capacity as Chairman of the Committee ...
The Committee discussed one by one those nominations which had been recommended by the Bureau for inscription on the List, those which had been recommended by the Bureau not to be entered on the List and nominations which raised a problem of application of the criteria, and were hence recommended by the Bureau to be deferred. In each case the Committee heard, as appropriate, the comments of the representatives of IUCN and/or ICOMOS who presented an evaluation of each property in question in relation to the criteria. The representatives of IUCN and ICOMOS were invited when appro- priate ...
The Committee also decided to extend the protected site of Ohrid Lake to include the cultural and historical area. This site will carry the name "Ohrid region with its cultural and historical aspects and its natural environment".
The Committee furthermore decided not to inscribe the following ten sites on the World Heritage List : No. / Name of property / State Party 104 / Church of Orosi / Costa Rica 105 / National Monument at San Jose / Costa Rica 108 / National Theatre / Costa Rica 110 / Church of Nicoya / Costa Rica 123 / Kainji Lake National Park / Nigeria 56 / Valley of Heidal / Norway 57 / Kjerringøy Trading Centre / Norway 60 / Eidsvoll Building / Norway 141 / Archaeological ruins at Harappa / ...
16. After a discussion concerning the nomination presented by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan regarding "the Old City of Jerusalem and its walls", the following motion was adopted by consensus : "The World Heritage Committee, at its fourth session, took into consideration the nomination presented by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan concerning "the Old City of Jerusalem and its walls" in all its cultural and human aspects. The Committee was in full agreement in appreciating their unique importance in view of the universal values they represent from the religious, historical, architectural ...
The Committee decided to enter in the world Heritage List the following 28 sites: No. Name of property State Party 102 Qalaa of Beni Hammad Algeria 124 Historic Town of Ouro Prêto Brazil 133 Burgess Shale Site Canada 79 Paphos Cyprus 10 Lower Valley of the Awash Ethiopia 12 Tiya Ethiopia 5 Aksum Ethiopia 17 Lower Valley of the Omo Ethiopia 35 Ashante Traditional Buildings Ghana 129        Maya Site of Copan Honduras 91 Historic Centre of Rome Italy   The representative ...
The Committee decided furthermore to defer the following sites : No. / Name of property / State Party 101 / Dey's Palace at Algiers/ Algeria 103 / Citadel Quarter of Setif / Algeria 106 /  National archaeological park of Guayabo de Turrialba / Costa Rica 107 / Santa Rosa historic mansion / Costa Rica  109 / Ruins of Ujarras / Costa Rica  11 /  Adulis / Ethiopia 111 / Bale Mountain National Park / Ethiopia 112 / Abijatta Shalla Lakes National Park / Ethiopia  13 / Melka Kontoure / Ethiopia 14 / Matara / Ethiopia 16  /Yeha / Ethiopia 92 / Convent of Santa Giulia-San Salvatore ...
18.  The Committee reiterated the importance of the Operational Guidelines and emphasized that every measure should be taken to ensure that the resulting guidelines are the best possible and that they reflect the thorough deliberations which precede each decision taken by the Committee. The insertion in the introduction of a brief paragraph to this effect was recommended by the Committee.  19. The Committee then discussed in detail the Revised Operational Guidelines and made the following modifications: a) Chapter I, section A, paragraph 5 (ii) should read : Because of the ...
21. The Committee heard the report of the working group set up to examine measures to improve the balance between the cultural and the natural heritage in the implementation of the Convention and agreed with the recommendations set out below: 1) Preparatory assistance to States Parties should be granted on a priority basis for: (i) the establishment of tentative lists of cultural and natural properties situated in their territories and suitable for inclusion in the World Heritage List; (ii) the preparation of nominations of types of properties underrepresented in the World Heritage ...
22. The Committee took note of the Report of the Secretariat on public information activities undertaken during the preceding year. The Committee also emphasized the importance of such activities in promoting and imple menting the World Heritage Convention. 23. The Committee requested the Secretariat that the royalties on the retail prices for Upsala Ekeby's commemorative Glass and Silverware go directly into the World Heritage Fund, and agreed that 10 % of these royalties (i.e. 2 % on the retail sales price) go to Unesco's Public Liaison Fund to cover expenses incurred through this ...
30. The Secretariat informed the Committee that it had carefully explored the various means available to protect the emblem and the name of the World Heritage Fund. 31. Possibilities for such protection exist in a number of countries within the framework of the Universal Copyright Convention, the Berne Convention and national legislation. In noting this report the Committee decided to include in the operational guidelines the following recommendation : Nations party to the Convention should take all possible measures to prevent the use of the emblem of the Convention and the use of ...
32. The Committee heard the report of the working group set up to examine the interim statement of accounts and technical co-operation requests and to prepare a budget for September 1980 to December 1981. 33. The Committee took note of document CC-80/CONF. 016/7 which includes the interim statement of accounts of the World Heritage Fund for the period 1 January 1979-31 July 1980. It also noted the surplus in the World Heritage Fund amounting to 1,463,832.61 $ as of 31 July this year. In view of this favorable financial situation the Committee adopted a budget for the period 1 September ...
36. The following two requests were submitted to the Secretariat during the fourth session of the Committee : Ecuador - The Historic Center of Quito  Panama - The fortifications on the Caribbean  side of Panama : Portobelo-San Lorenzo $ 25,000  $ 51,000  37.  The Committee authorized the Chairman of the Committee to approve these two requests in consultation with the other members of the Bureau subject to the outcome of a technical review by the Secretariat and the professional non-governmental organizations ...