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The Sixth General Assembly of States Parties to the Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage met in Paris, on 30 October 1987, during the twenty-fourth session of the General Conference. Seventy-three of the ninety-six States which were Parties to the Convention as at 30 October 1987 and which thus had the right to vote, were represented at the meeting. Their names are given in the attached List of Participants. Representatives of ten States not Parties to the Conven­tion participated as observers in the General Assembly. Repre­sentatives of ...
7. The General Assembly elected by acclamation Mr. Paul Yao Akoto (Cote d'Ivoire), as Chairman. The newly elected Chairman expressed his thanks to the delegates for the confidence they had placed in him and for the honour granted to him. He recal­led the attachment of everyone to the Convention and the common hope to take all possible steps to safeguard the heritage of mankind. The General Assembly also elected unanimously the re­presentatives of Bulgaria, China, Jamaica and Oman as Vice-Chairmen, and Mrs. Marjatta Oksanen (Finland) as Rapporteur.
9. The General Assembly examined document CC-87/CONF.013/2 by which the accounts of the World Heritage Fund Were submitted to the Assembly in accordance with the Financial Regulations of the Fund. The attention of the Assembly was drawn to the ac­counts for the financial period which terminated on 31 December 1985 (Annex I of the document), to the interim statement for the financial period 1986-1987 drawn up as at 31 August 1987 (Annex II) as well as to the summary of contributions received from States Parties as at 31 August 1987 (Annex III). The As­sembly was informed of the ...
12. The General Assembly unanimously decided that the amount of the mandatory contributions to be paid to the World Heritage Fund during the 1988-1989 period, in accordance with Article 16, paragraph 1 of the Convention, would be maintained at 1 % of the amount of the contributions of States Parties to the Regular Programme of Unesco, as had been decided at the five pre­vious General Assemblies. The representative of India asked whether it was possible for a State Party to pay to the World Heritage Fund a voluntary contribution in addition to the man­datory contribution, for such was her ...
13. The Assembly continued its work with the examination of the following item on the agenda concerning the elections. On that subject, several delegates, referring to Article 8, paragraph 2 of the Convention which stipulates that "election of members of the Committee shall ensure an equitable representa­tion of the different regions and cultures of the world", drew the attention of the Assembly to the under-representation of Latin America, Africa and the Arab States within the Committee. Another speaker emphasized the necessity to assure an equitable representation of cultures in the ...
14. The General Assembly was called on to elect seven Members of the World Heritage Committee to replace the following seven Members whose term of office was due to expire at the end of the twenty-fourth session of the General Conference : Brazil, Cyprus, Germany (Federal Republic of), Guinea, Jordan, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and Zaire.15. The list-of States Parties which had submitted their candidature was read out before the Assembly. Argentina, the Fede­ral Republic of Germany and the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya withdrew their candidatures. The delegate of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya stated ...
22. Only one question was raised under item 8 "Other Business”: a speaker appealed to the Assembly for reflexion and evoked specific problems relating to the World Heritage which is endangered by various causes, including war.
23. In the name of the Director-General, the Assistant Director-General for Culture and Communication conveyed his congratulations to the States which had been elected as Members of the Committee, and he addressed his thanks to the outgoing Members. He recalled the fundamental principles of the Convention which provides not only for national protection of cultural and natural sites, but also for international action to safeguard the heritage of mankind. Furthermore, he declared that the points raised by the General Assembly concerning a balanced representation of the regions would be ...
27. The Bureau, - reviewed document SC-87/CONF.004/7 on technical cooperation requests submitted by States Parties and - made the following recommendations: - People's Republic of China a) The Bureau noted that the Jixian/Tianjian Area, for which US$30,000 has been requested for supporting geological research, has not been recommended for inscription on the World Heritage List. b) In relation to the requests for training of specialists in management of natural heritage (US$80,000) and the research studies on the Imperial Palace (US$35,000) and Caves of Mogao (US$52,000), the Bureau ...
28. The Bureau noted that States Parties had submitted only a relatively small number of technical cooperation requests. In this connection, the Bureau recalled that States Parties could ask for preparatory assistance to draw up such requests. In addition, the Bureau asked the Secretariat to make every effort, including missions to States Parties, to advise on the availability of international assistance under the Fund and to assist in the preparation of receivable requests. Particular attention should be given to designing technical cooperation projects in which the contribution from ...
29. The Bureau felt that more background information should be given in the presentation of technical cooperation requests for approval by the Bureau or the Committee in order to allow a better appreciation of the context in which requests were being made under the World Heritage Fund. The Bureau recommended that the Secretariat in future present the following elements for each technical cooperation request: - international assistance already provided for the property in question and results obtained; - a brief description of the different components requested, for example, laboratory ...
30. Finally, the Bureau considered that in very many cases, States Parties were not sufficiently well informed about the possibilities for requesting international assistance udner the World Heritage Fund. The Bureau therefore recommended that the Secretariat prepare an easily understood brochure on how to obtain international assistance under the World Heritage Fund which would be widely distributed to all States Parties.
32. In connection with the assistance requested by States Parties for carrying out promotional activities, the Bureau recommended that such assistance should be provided only for the production of general information material on the Convention, and no for the promotion of any particular World Heritage property. Furthermore, considering the budgetary allocations set aside for promotional activities, such assistance could only be of modest proportions, complementing national investments. However, the Bureau noted that the Secretariat should be flexible in judging each case accordingly. In ...
5. With a modification in the order of examination of cultural and natural nominations, the Committee adopted the agenda for the session.
6. Mr. J.D. Collinson (Canada) was re-elected Chairman of the Committee by acclamation. Mrs. M. Stantcheva (Bulgaria) was elected as Rapporteur and the following members of the Committee as Vice­Chairmen: France, Mexico, Sri Lanka, and Tunisia and the United Republic of Tanzania.
9. The Committee examined 61 nominations to the World Heritage List, taking account of the recommendations of ICOMOS and IUCN for each nomination. The Committee decided to include 41 cultural and natural properties on the World Heritage List and one extension, which are presented in section A below. The Committee also decided to defer its decision on 16 nominations, as noted under section B, and decided not to include 4 properties on the World Heritage List (section C). Finally, the Committee noted that the United Kingdom had withdrawn the nominations of Diana's Peak and High Peak, St. ...
Mogao Caves 440 China (People's Rep. of) C(i)(ii)(iii) (iv) (v) (vi) The Committee drew the attention of the Chinese authorities to the need to take all necessary measures to safeguard the very vulnerable rock site of Mogao Caves. The Committee would like to be kept informed of all action undertaken to this end.
The Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor 441 China (People's Rep. of) C(i)(iii)(iv)(vi) The Committee would like to be informed by the Chinese authorities of the plans for the archaeological exploration, presentation and management of the site.