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The Bureau felt that more precise information was needed regarding the details of the project, the realism of the salary scales proposed and the likelihood of the effective implementation of the project in the near future.
The Government of Guatemala has requested emergency assistance for the town of "Antigua Guatemala" which has been damaged by an earthquake and torrential rains. This assistance amounting to US$ 50,000 and intended for the purchase of equipment was granted by the Bureau.
The Government of Ecuador has requested US$ 50,000 for the purchase of the necessary equipment to eliminate animals which are foreign to the Galapagos Islands and which are destroying the local flora. The Bureau recommends that the Committee should grant this technical cooperation for the site which is included in the List.
The Tanzanian Goverment has requested the services of an architect-museologist for thre weeks in order to draw up a project for the conservation and presentation of the prehistoric sites of Olduvai and Laetolil. The Bureau recommended that the Committee grant this technical co-operation if the property is inscribed on the List.
The Egyptian Government has requested the services of specialists in cultural heritage (6 m/m) as well as equipment (amounting to a total cost of US$ 30,000) to draw up a project for the restoration and development of the old Islamic Centre of Cairo. The Bureau recommends that the Committee accept this request if the property is entered on the List.
The Ethiopian Government has requested technical co-operation for the purpose of carrying out a photogrammetric survey of the monuments of Lalibela (at an estimated cost of US$ 144,500).  In view of ICCROM's opinion, the Bureau - while generally in favour of technical co-operation for the preservation of the Lalibela monuments - considered it advisable to defer its decision.
The Ethiopian Government has requested the services of two experts (36 m/m) and equipment for two natural sites in order to systematically investigate these parks and to consider the possibility of reinstalling elsewhere the population living here. The Bureau decided to defer its decision until the nominations to the World Heritage List, which had been received too late, could be examined.
The Syrian Governement has requested equipment (cranes, lorries, jeeps, etc...) for the restoration of Damascus (20.I), Aleppo (21.I), Bosra (22.I) and Palmyra (23.I). However, since the additional information requested has not been received and only the site of Damascus had been recommended for inscription on the List, the Bureau preferred to defer its decision until the information required had been received.
The Bureau received an emergency assistance request from the Government of Zaire for a programme to protect populations of several species of wildlife under threat of extinction in Garamba National Park. The Bureau commended the Government, and also IUCN and the Frankfurt Zoological Society for the co-operative manner in which the plan of action had been prepared. The Bureau approved financial support for the project (see paragraph 19 below) and asked that the Secretariat, in co-operation with IUCN and the Government of Zaire, prepare a nomination for the List of World Heritage in Danger ...
The World Heritage Committee, Having examined Document WHC/17/12EXT.COM/4, Decides to approve the International Assistance request from Palau entitled “Responding to the threat of feral cat introduction to the Rock Island Southern Lagoon World Heritage area”, for an amount of US$ 139,505 under the Emergency Assistance budget.