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Resolution 9 GA 10-12
Examination of the statement of accounts of the World Heritage Fund, including the status of the States Parties' contributions

10. The General Assembly examined documents WHC-93/CONF.003/3 presenting the accounts of the World Heritage Fund, in accordance with the Financial Regulations of the Fund, and WHC.93/CONF.003/3 add. presenting the contributions received up to 28 October 1993. The Assembly was also informed that the following contributions had been received since 28 October 1993:

State Party                             Amount (US $)                                        Year of contribution

Ethiopia                                              618                                                             1992-1993

Hungary                                           5,563                              end of 1992 and part of 1993

Mozambique                                     618                                                              1992-1993

Senegal                                             309                                                                        1992

Portugal                                          3,090                                                            part of 1993

11. The General Assembly then took note of the statement of accounts of the World Heritage Fund for the financial period ending 31 December 1991, the interim statement of accounts for the period 1992-1993 as at 30 September 1993, and the summary of .contributions received from States Parties as at 28 October 1993. The Assembly also took note of the information provided by the Secretariat concerning contributions received since 28 October 1993. During examination of the budget, the General Assembly was informed that the Secretariat was working towards improving the budget's presentation and that this matter would be examined in detail by the World Heritage Committee at its seventeenth session. The Representative of Thailand expressed the wish that the Director-General provide the World Heritage Centre with sufficient financing and personnel so it would not be necessary to finance temporary assistance at the Secretariat under the World Heritage Fund.

12. The General Assembly unanimously decided that the amount of mandatory contributions to the World Heritage Fund for the period 1994-1995, calculated in US dollars, would be maintained at 1 per cent of contributions made by States Parties to the regular programme of UNESCO, in accordance with Article 16, paragraph 1, of the Convention, as had been decided at eight previous General Assemblies.

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